Tamil Media Houses Turn Blind Eye Towards Bengal Violence

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The biased and partisan attitude of Tamil Nadu media in covering the pre and post-poll-related violence in West Bengal came in for sharp criticism by writers, journalists and digital publications.
West Bengal has been witnessing what Kashmir had seen in the 1990s and How Kashmiri pandits forced to leave their properties, how their women and children were raped by Islamists. The same violence but in the guise of political vengeance has been taking place in most parts of West Bengal. The perpetrators mostly Rohingya Muslims and TMC goons are staging this with the police and government machinery’s full backing. Lakhs of Hindus have migrated to neighbouring states fearing for life and to protect their womanhood.
Tamil Nadu media, which would blow up even normal happenings in BJP ruled states as big national issue, did not bother to carry news on West Bengal mayhem. There were no debates. No News Coverage. DMK and its allies controlled Visual, print and digital media did not mention a word about the sufferings of the Hindus at the hands of TMC goons.
In this background, writers Aravindan Neelakantan and several digital media publications and Nationalist Journalist Welfare Association have condemned the print and television media of Tamil Nadu for the complete blackout of post-poll violence carried out by Trinamool Congress goons in West Bengal.
In a letter addressed to all print, TV media houses, they said “ Elections and democracy are inseparable. Elections are an important element of a democracy. Success and failure are common. It is natural in politics for the victors to accept this wholeheartedly and for the losers to remain silent.
On the other hand, the actions of Mamata Banerjee, the Trinamool Congress leader who won in West Bengal, are different. Murder, robbery, arson, sexual assault all the unspeakable things are happening. State-sponsored violence is rampant in West Bengal. Ordinary innocent people are being forced to leave their hometowns, becoming refugees in their own country by seeking refuge in neighbouring states. A state similar took place during the Partition of India
A civilized society must oppose and question such barbaric acts of violence. Everyone, including young people, must question social media. The anarchy of the victor must be brought to the public. The media, being the fourth pillar of democracy, has a responsibility to question and expose the truth against these, but these acts of violence are getting deliberately omitted by the Tamil print and visual media. This is unfortunate.
If some individual is getting murdered in some corner of the country by some set of people, it is talked and widely debated in Tamil Media while violence in West Bengal is getting covered up and media is watching it like a silent audience. This unreasonable silence shakes our conscience. All of us in the media are expressing our condemnation of the atrocities unleashed by the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal”.