Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists Plead Guilty After Bullying from China

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In a significant development, Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Lee Cheuk-yan pleaded guilty of the charges pressed for the protests on August 31, 2019. 
But he also noted in the court that history would absolve him as he stood for the rights of Hongkongers.
He has already been convicted for participating on the August 18, 2019 protests which were not authorised by the police.
Media mogul Jimmy Lai has also been convicted along with Lee.
Lee said he saw no point in arguing for the August 31 protest charges when he was already convicted for the August 18 protest charges.
In the wake of the protests, China introduced new security laws which give it sweeping powers to arrest and try people for protests.
Lee and Lai have been convicted under the new security laws.
Although, Lee said he would continue challenging the verdict in the August 18 case for which he had pleaded not guilty.
He faces five years in jail.
Hong Kong, which is indirectly controlled by China, saw a massive uprising in 2019. People demanded freedom and democracy.
The then-Democratic party chairman Yeung Sum has also been convicted along with Lee and Lai.