Stooping to a new Low

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The Assembly poll in Tamil Nadu is again witnessing use of crass language against women by DMK leaders. In social media, videos have gone viral showing DMK men assaulting women in a beauty parlour and hospital. The infamous assault on AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa by DMK MLAs in Assembly, is a testimony to how they treat women
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In the Dock: The recent controversies show DMK Chief M K Satlin has failed to control his
partymen from using intemperate language against women
Back to derogatory comments, usual barbs and low level crass language apart from attacks on modesty of women will have an impact in the coming Assembly polls in Tamil Nadu. The past two days incidents have clearly left a visible mark that the use of such language is going to play a major role in deciding the outcome of the results.
Dravidar Kazhagam founder E V Ramaswamy Naickar and its offshoot DMK founder C N Annadurai, M Karunanidhi, his son M K Stalin and his grandson Udhayanidhi have a bad habit of using crass language and speaking ill about women. Former Union Minister Andimuthu Raja and Dayanidhi Maran have proved that they are not exception to this genre.
Annadurai, fondly called as Anna by his followers, had the gift of gab. His allegories, alliterations, punch dialogues were famous across the State. However, there was controversy involving Anna and then a famous versatile actress. Anna said: “I am not saint. I have own my desires. I am a human being. Neither is she someone who was entirely chaste and faithful to her husband. The Jasmine flowers in neighbour’s garden have sweet fragrance too.” He wrote Kambarasam in Tamil with obscene commentaries on Ramayana. His novels portrayed illicit affairs, incest relations and pervert ideas. The irony is that he was described by his followers as a renowned scholar who produced great literary works. Similarly, Karunanidhi used to make crass comments about women. This was a consistent feature in his entire career.
Once PM Indira Gandhi was attacked by DMK goons at Madurai; a stone hit her head and she was bleeding. Karunanidhi made a derogatory remark against her. When Congress MLA T N Ananthanayaky had questioned in the Tamil Nadu Assembly where was the so-called Dravida Naadu (Dravidian State), Karunanidhi made a perversely comment that will outrage the modesty of readers. Not content with just that, Karunanidhi also made comments about former CM Jayalalithaa. He had the audacity to say that she would no longer be able to have kids since her best years were behind her. He would have helped her have kids.

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Humiliating Ordeal: Jayalalithaa was attacked in the Assembly by DMK MLAs in 1989
Like his mentor, Karunanidhi too wrote books mainly about incest among siblings. He was a powerful scriptwriter and had street-smart fighting skills. However, his remarks against Kamaraj, Baktavachalam, MGR were in very poor taste. During his political career, the Tamil Nadu Assembly witnessed a shameful incident when DMK MLAs nearly molested a hapless Jayalalithaa. Self-explanatory pictures of Jayalalithaa’s disheveled hair and torn sari outside the house led to public outrage. She started wearing cape to keep the top portion fully covered till her death. DMK repeatedly flashed photos of Jayalalithaa and Sasikala wearing jewels during the wedding of her foster son V N Sudhakaran in media to defame her. They ridiculed her for huge collections of footwear and dresses. Karunanidhi commented what would have happened when widow Srimao Bandaranaike and widower Prime Minister Nehru met privately?. Karunanidhi spared none in his low level personal attack on opposition leaders.
His heir apparent and current head of DMK, M K Stalin and son Udhayanidhi Stalin said Edapadi K Palaniswamy got Chief Minister’s post by crawling and would have worked “under V K Sasikala’s legs.” On seeing a large women turn out in one of his meeting, Stalin made double entendre remarks. DMK’s party speakers Vetrikondan, Nannilam Natarajan, ‘Theepori’ Arumugam ( fire spark) were also popular for their third rate and obscene comments on Jayalalithaa. Their public meetings were a big draw.
Recently Dindigual I Leony, remarked that barrel-shaped belly of bevies was due to drinking milk of alien cows. This evoked sharp criticism from women. A couple of days later, former Union Minister and Deputy General Secretary of DMK Andimuthu Raja questioned the birth of CM Palaniswamy. The uncivilised remarks of Raja against Chief Minister’s deceased mother evoked sharp opposition from women particularly in Kongu belt.
Subsequently, effigies of Raja were burnt across the State. Stalin, who realised that there growing anger was brewing against DMK, is learnt to have advised Raja to make apologies. Raja was told to follow the script till elections are over. Following this, Raja offered conditional apologies to CM Palaniswamy.
A few days after Andimuthu Raja spewed venom on CM Palaniswamy by derogatory comments on his birth, now it is the turn of former Union Minister Dayanidhi Maran who made adverse comments on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Stalin’s Lips Sealed
Reacting to this unpardonable comments, BJP spokesman Naarayanan Thirupathy said DMK can’t pursue healthy constructive politics. “Its leaders are indulging in cheap and filthy politics abusing women. BJP strongly condemn these silly, atrocious and arrogant politics of personal attacks and violence against women. Are these comments made out of fear of losing elections or is it because of over confidence that they will win?.”
He said in a statement “ People want to know whether the DMK President M K Stalin accepts these kinds of attacks on women? If he does not take action against Dayanidhi Maran and A.Raja, it will be understood that he is acknowledging Raja's and Dayanidhi Maran's filthy comments. Hope he dismiss both of them from DMK. I request the Election Commission and the courts to take suo moto action against the two DMK Parliament members and punish them for their misconduct and render justice. I also request both the AIADMK and BJP cadres to remain calm but reach out to the public and expose these two parliament members and highlight the anti-women attitude of the DMK. People will punish them for their misdeeds”.
CM Palaniswamy recently said: “We are truly pious. There will be kindness and culture in our candidates who are pious. I want DMK must be taught a lesson as some of its leaders have made disgusting remarks against women.” He said “Dindigul I Leoni made remarks against women belly. Stalin has not even condemned it so far. Even out of power, they are so arrogant. I was witness to the shameful incident when DMK MLAs physically attacked Amma Jayalalithaa in the Assembly in 1989. She was the leader of opposition at that time.”
Palaniswamy also paid visit to Deputy CM O Pannerselvam’s house and sought blessing of his mother. He dared Stalin for a one-on- one debate on corruption and good governance.
He said Stalin has been spreading misinformation during his campaigns. “DMK leader could only dream of winning all 234 seats but he would never succeed. Be it BJP or AIADMK, we are democratic parties that grant party posts to those who truly work for their respective parties. On the other hand, DMK is a dynastic party where only family members are given positions. A State could only develop only if it maintains a cordial relations with the Central government.”
Meanwhile, Kamal Haasan’s MNM leader C K Kumaravel hit a new low by making derogatory comments on BJP national Mahila president and Coimbatore South candidate Vanathi Srinivasan.

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Rousing Welcome: Prime Minister Narendra Modi at an election rally in Tamil Nadu
Earlier, Union Minister Smriti Irani, in one of her election speeches, challenged Kamal Haasan to debate with Vanathi. Responding to the challenge, MNM propaganda secretary C K Kumaravel said “ Kamal would first want to debate with PM Modi, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and could later come to thukkada leaders such Vanathi Srinivasan”. Vanathi, in a video, slammed Kumaravel and asked Kamal Hassan to clarify if this was the way his party would shame women politicians. “I have studied in government school and pursued law amidst all odds. If a woman from humble background grows up in politics, is this the way to disrespect her? How will a party that does not respect women be able to protect them? Kamal should answer.”
Reacting to this unpardonable comments, BJP spokesman Naarayanan Thirupathy said DMK can’t pursue constructive politics. “Its leaders are indulging in cheap and filthy politics abusing women. BJP strongly condemn these silly, atrocious and arrogant politics of personal attacks and violence against women. Are these comments made out of fear of losing elections or is it because of over confidence that they will win?”
Meanwhile, Aravakurichi BJP candidate Annamalai said “Ways to be found out to stop migration of people from this constituency due to lack of water. Agriculture will flourish only if water is available in abundance. “Opposition nicknamed me Attu Puzhukkai ( dung of sheep). I am proud of it. I am a farmer. People in this constituency are growing (rearing) sheeps, goats for their livelihood as agriculture failed to lack of water. Steps like growing saplings will be taken up to address this problem.” Annamalai was welcomed with Lotus flowers in villages by men and women.
Women Ridicule Attacks
The humble Tamilian housewives and working women are concerned about the rising sexist overtones in the State. Majority of the women fear that their lives will be in trouble if DMK comes to power.
“A total anarchy will prevail and safety of the women will be in question. Police will not take any action. Hooliganism, Kangaroo courts, interference in government machinery, taking law unto themselves, no respects for judiciary, all-round corruption, land grabbing, liquor vents, illegal trades will flourish,” said Priya Venkat, a housewife.
Expressing her fear over DMK’s attack to outrage modesty of women, Priya Venkat said: “Videos that have gone viral in social media show DMK men assaulting women in a beauty parlour, in hospital. They are shown attacking tea shops, biryani, liquor, cell phone shop owners who refused to give free goods. They are resorting to stealing goods. What is disturbing is that they are making sexual assaults on women. This is bothering women of Tamil Nadu.”