Presidential Terms Reset in Russia to Allow Vladimir Putin to Stay in Power Till 2036

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Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday signed a law resetting the Presidential Terms in Russia which allows Putin to remain in power till 2036.
The new law limits the Presidential office to only two terms in one’s lifetime. But it comes into force only now and doesn’t count the terms already served.
President Putin’s current term expires in 2024. He will be eligible for two more terms of six-year each.
The analysts believe this has been done to put all speculation about his successor to rest and avoid any power tussle in the Kremlin.
With President Putin’s signature Monday, a year-long process of the constitutional amendment through referendum came to an end.
The new law also provides lifelong immunity from prosecution to President Putin and former President Dmitry Medvedev.
If President Putin continues till 2036, he will become the longest serving ruler of Russia, even surpassing Joseph Stalin’s 29 year rule.
The former KGB official came to power in 2000 when then President Boris Yelstin had to resign. In 2008, his two terms of 4 year each got over and he shifted to the prime minister’s office.
All the executive powers were shifted to the prime minister’s office. Dmitry Medvedev became President. On his return to the President’s office in 2012, Presidential tenure was increased to 6 years from 4 years.
President Putin’s current term expires in 2024.