Bangladesh PM Promises Action Against Jamaat & Hefazat for Riots During PM Modi’s Visit

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Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promised action against radical Islamist outfits Jamaat-e-Islami and Hefazat-e-Islam for riots during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bangladesh visit.
More than 12 people lost their lives in the riots and many properties were destroyed.
Prime Minister Modi was on a two-day Bangladesh visit on March 26-27. He was the chief guest of Bangladesh’s liberation war celebration.
Speaking about Hefazat leader Mamunul, she said after setting vehicles on fire, he was enjoying his vacation with his second wife in a resort. She also asked about his source of money.
She directed the National Security Intelligence to take measures to contain the spread of Islamists.
Commenting on the duplicity of the Islamists leaders, she said the same leaders would go to Deoband in Bharat for study but would protest the Prime Minister’s visit.
The opposition BNP in Bangladesh had supported the Jamaat and the Hefazat in their protests.
Prime Minister Hasina was speaking in the parliament on Sunday.