Will Information Technology Make Us into Better People?

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Information technology can bring more efficiency and ease in our outer lives, but becoming more aware at an inner level arises from within, independent of all external factors.
True creativity and direct insight can never come from the outside, whether by technology, drugs, the media, or the influence of other people. It is a product of Self-awareness beyond body and mind that is self-arising, spontaneous, free and connected to the whole of life. It arises of itself in its own time and in its own way that opens us up to a greater mystery and wonder.
So let us use our new technology with a sense of inner detachment, knowing not just how to turn it on but how to turn it off. Let us remember that our true Self is beyond all name, form and quantity, with our human embodiment one of our many appearances in a greater eternal and infinite reality.
Pure Consciousness is beyond all inducements or manipulations. This brings more responsibility to us as individuals to raise our own awareness. But once we make this choice to follow our Inner Being rather than external forces, an inner power of Seeing will guide our lives. Never forget your inner Light!