Uttar Pradesh Police Leaves for Punjab to Bring Dreaded Gangster and Legislator Mukhtar Ansari to UP Jail

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The Uttar Pradesh Police personnel left for Rupnagar jail in Punjab Monday to bring dreaded gangster and legislator Mukhtar Ansari to Banda jail in Uttar Pradesh.
The route has been kept secret for security reasons.
The Punjab Government had asked the Uttar Pradesh Government to take back Mukhtar Ansari by April 8 after every attempt of the Punjab Government failed to stop transfer of Ansari.
Ansari is languishing in Punjab jail since January 2019 in an extortion case. There has been no court appearance of Ansari in the case so far.
On March 26, the Supreme Court ordered the Punjab Government to hand over Mukhtar Ansari to Uttar Pradesh in 15 days.
The Punjab Government led by Captain Amarinder Singh had deployed a battery of lawyers in the Supreme Court to stop the transfer of Ansari.
Ansari, who is a legislator in Uttar Pradesh, has been facing multiple criminal cases in the state including murder and extortion.
Even the Supreme Court order of March 26, an attempt was made to stop his transfer. Ansari reached the Mohali court with his medical reports to stop his transfer.
Ansari is a relative of former Vice-President Hamid Ansari.
Ansari and his family live in Ghazipur-Mau region of eastern Uttar Pradesh. He has close relations with the Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party and Congress leaders in the state.