In a Shocking Statement, Rahul Gandhi Asks for American Interference in Bharat’s Internal Affairs

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In what could be termed a very shocking statement, the Nehru family scion and Member of Parliament Rahul Gandhi expressed surprise why the United States of America is not interfering in Bharat’s internal affairs.
“I don’t hear anything from the US establishment about what is happening in India,” said Rahul Gandhi in a conversation with Harvard University Professor Nicholas Burns.
A career diplomat, Nicholas Burns is a Roy and Barbara Goodman Family Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Relations at Harvard University.
It’s significant considering Bharat is a Sovereign, Democratic, Republic state and would not allow any external interference in its internal affairs.
Rahul Gandhi has also been the president of the Congress party and a prime minister hopeful.
Very recently, attempts were made by institutes in the West to malign Bharat’s democracy but the Government of India unequivocally made it clear it would not appreciate any external interference in its internal affairs.