South 24 Parganas: Fortress of TMC-terror goes to Poll

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Before South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal go on Poll, a few accounts of different incidents of the District would be pertaining. The densely populated district is known to be an impregnable Fortress of TMC with 31 Assemblies. However, how TMC’s Non-Muslim supporters & leaders of the District gradually became cornered as a result of unremitting spine-chilling terror by the Party's goons is a matter of concern. Conducting Poll in South 24 Parganas would perhaps be the toughest challenge to Election Commission as having Non-Muslims of the District out to cast vote on their own would require strategic steps by the Constitutional Body.
The plight of SC-ST & General Non-Muslims in South 24 Parganas
South 24 Parganas is located at the border & the Constituencies having a high concentration of SC-ST populace, they have been facing grave terror which is a violation of human rights. In October 2013, Rupa Mondal, a minor girl of Battali village, Gosaba had been raped by some local goons (Case No. 238(10) 2013, Goshaba PS.), but the police were reluctant to arrest the criminals and take any legal steps against them due to some unknown (?) reasons. Not so unknown in reality. Rupa Mondal was threatened by those criminals to withdraw her complaint. This case created continued communal conflict between the Local Hindu SC-ST community & the Jihadi criminals thereof. Shantaram Munda (ST, Santhal) of Battali village, Pathankhali Gram Panchayat (GP), Gosaba Police Station, South 24 Parganas, and Sanjay Sinha (SC, Sub Caste Namo Sudra) of Tetultali, Pathankhali GP, Gosaba Police Station supported the poor rape victim and arranged for legal help for Rupa at the court.
Criminals got furious and threatened them. They attacked Shantiram Munda's house at a religious program of Guru-Pujan on July 9, 2017, where they bit Shantiram and other devotees with iron rods, wooden sticks and sharp weapons. Sanjay Sinha, Headteacher, Pathankhali F.P School was also there. They bit him black and blue. Sanjay had been hospitalized for 7 days with a serious head injury. Parimal Dalui, SC ( sub-caste: Bagdi) too had been badly tortured. The hooligans snatched mobile phones and other costly articles from Sanjay and Parimal & broke their motorcycles (vehicle nos. WB 20X 0823 and WB 96C 4347 respectively). They physically kicked out Dalit children assembled there for Gurupujan threatening, “You bloody lower caste people, leave the area. Otherwise, we will kill your children and rape your girls”.
Dipali Munda, wife of Shantiram was caught, dragged out, undressed, heckled & molested in front of the villagers as she tried to save the children. The goons forcefully broke her Shnakha (Bangles made of Conch, a symbol of Hindu Bengali married women). The criminals jumped on Shantiram and broke his right hand as he tried to save his wife. Police didn’t help, the barbaric conflict continued with State Police acting indirectly & directly in support of TMC goons.
On August 11, 2017, Sanjay Shinha, Shantiram Munda, Deepali Munda and rape victim Rupa Mondal went to Delhi to meet the National Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Commission to inform them about their present horrible situation. They prayed for justice against the criminals who are roaming around openly under influence of local Trinamool Congress leaders.
On October 17, 2017, Shri K. Ramillu and Shri Yogendra Paswan members National Scheduled Caste Commission visited the house of Rupa Mondal and Shantiram Munda at Pathankhali GP of Gosaba police station. On that same day, at around 7:20 pm, a group of criminals lead by Faruque Sardar and Moti Molla attacked Sanjay Sinha’s house (village – Tetultali, Pathankhali, Gosaba Police Station, South 24 Parganas) to kill him. Luckily, Sanjay Sinha noticed them coming and managed to hide at a nearby paddy field to save his life. When criminals didn’t find Sanjay Sinha at his residence, they ransacked the house, looted ornaments, mobile phones and rupees fifty-five thousand in cash. Criminals molested Alpana Sinha (wife of Sanjay) and threatened her that they would murder Sanjay if Sinha's continued to stay there. Sanjay Sinha again lodged a complaint at Gosaba Police station against these criminals – case no. 230/17, date – 17/10/2017. Sanjay and Alpana, both teachers at Primary School with two small kids ( a boy of 5 yrs and a 1 yr old girl), couldn’t return home since then. This SC family is getting no help from the administration just because they had supported Rupa Mondal. This also exposes Mamata Banerjee's cruel face against women.
However, members of the Dalit community (both SC and ST) protested against the brutal attack on Sanjay Sinha by gathering in nearby Canning (sub-division headquarters) bus stand when they got suddenly attacked by local TMC leaders and communal goons with sharp weapons like sword, knife etc. and were recklessly beaten. Communal goons backed by TMC looted & vandalized the shops at the Canning bus stand belonging to people of the SC community, for two consecutive days. TMC backed criminals also demolished and burnt the BJP Office at Canning. Few of the victims had to remain hospitalized for more than a week.
Last 8 years South 24 Parganas Held 25% of the Major Communal Riots of WB Starting from 2012 of the TMC regime up to 2020, 20-25% of major communal riots in the State happened in South 24 Parganas. The following list is a non-comprehensive list of communal riots which may provide a glimpse of tension in the district which would go on Poll on April 6 & 10.
2012—Tehatta (Nadia)
2013—Canning (South 24 Parganas)
2015—Usthi (South 24 Parganas)
2015—Mallikpur, Falta (S 24 Parganas)
2015—Kaliganj (Nadia)
2015—Samudragarh (Burdwan)
2016—Kaliachak (Maldah)
2016—Dhulagarh (Howrah)
2017—Tehatta (Howrah)
2017—Baduria-Basirhat (Uttar 24 Parganas)
2017—Hajinagar (Uttar 24 Parganas)
2018—Asansol (Pashchim Bardhaman)
2019—Diamondharbour (South 24 Parganas)
2019—Sandeshkhali (Uttar 24 Parganas)
2019—Metiabruz (South 24 Parganas)
2019—Uttarpara (Howrah, CAA)
2019-2020—Beldanga (Murshidabad, CAA)
2020—Duttapukur (Uttar 24 Parganas)
2020—Chandipur (Maldah)
5 out of 19 cases were in South 24 Parganas.
Demography Changing Steadily, Secularism at Stake
Taldi is a Hindu-pradhan area as per the 2011 Census in Canning, South 24 Parganas. In August 2018, a set of students chanted ‘Allah Hu Akbar' while singing National Anthem in Taldi Mohanchand High School. Ruckus began thereafter that soon assumed communal dimensions. Questions arose how could an 84% Hindu-based area turned demographically altered? The Principal of the School got involved in the controversy. Hindu students & their guardians alleged Principal Shri Sanjay Naskar to have encouraged Muslim students to demean National Anthem.
Later, the same Principal issued a notification barring Muslim Teachers’ going out of the School Campus during active School Hours for Jumma Namaz. After this notification, Shri Naskar was transferred far away from Taldi Mohanchand High School. “I have an eventful career as a teacher, have never differentiated between my students based on Religion, 10 of my Students became successful doctors, however, the moment I legitimately issued that notification as per pre-existing Rule of Madhya Shiksha Parshad” (i.e. West Bengal Board of Secondary Education), I was transferred on the administrative ground”, said he. Following his transfer, a video went viral on Social Media in which TMC MLA of Canning Pashchim—Shyamal Mondal was heard calling up a Muslim Teacher of Taldi Mohanchand High School boasting of transferring Naskar as per the demand of those Muslim Teachers. This incident is typical of South 24 Parganas. As the District’s demography is steadily changing by ceaseless infiltration cornering original inhabitants of the place, a section of the original inhabitants, as a result, has involved in appeasing infiltrator-patron lobbies further for existence as well as for illegitimate earning. Infiltration-industry turned into a huge source of corruption benefitting not only Muslims but also sections of Non-Muslims.
A vicious cycle has thus formed which is continually threatening the existence of SC-STs of South 24 Parganas. Non-Muslims are losing ground due to orchestrated, well-planned, TMC-backed infiltration. A society that's apparently peaceful yet highly communally polarized from within is ever looking for opportunities to let out its grievances. Frequent communal riots in South 24 Parganas corroborate with such claims. The people who are struggling to protect Nehruvian Secular Outlook in this district are personally being heckled the most, eg. Shri Sanjay Naskar, ex-Head Master of Taldi Mohanchand High School of Canning.
Who is Jahangir of Falta Assembly Constituency?
Falta is an Assembly Constituency which was represented by Tamonash Ghosh of TMC. Ghosh died on June 24, 2020, of Covid 19 infection. However, people of Falta tend to believe that he died as he couldn’t augur well with Yuva Trinamool led by Mamata Banerjee’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee. Almost the whole of South 24 Parganas were TMC-voters. However, the conflict between “MOTHER TRINAMOOL” (i.e. followers of Mamata Banerjee) & YUVA TRINAMOOL (followers of Abhishek Banerjee) has been the bone of contention. Even original TMC leaders & workers of Falta belonging to the Non-Muslim community are remaining tongue-tied these days. A Falta-local said, “there’d be no Election here. Jahangir would decide who’d vote & who’d not. Hindus of Falta won’t be able to reach corresponding booths.” As in 2019 Loksabha BJP gained around 28% additional votes in Falta Assembly Constituency, apprehensions are there that Hindus of Falta may not be able to cast their own votes in the 2021 Assembly. Who’s Jahangir? He’s the key man of Abhishek Banerjee in Falta. In spite of having a murder charge & court order against him, he’s roaming free having full control of bombs & arms storages of the area. Jahangir is key to TMC’s terror-model in Falta representing Yuva Trinamool. While talking over the phone, another old leader of TMC, Bhaktaram Mondal, hardly responded to any of my questions reflecting the extent of terror he’s been facing. Such people have lost hope for any kind of electoral changes as they have been terrorized. Sources informed many people of different Assemblies of South 24 Parganas are already being displaced from their home stations so that they may not turn up.
The conflict between Mother Trinamool & Yuva Trinamool: A TMC-tool to befool people?
Even though people perceive a conflict between “MOTHER TRINAMOOL” (i.e. followers of Mamata Banerjee) & YUVA TRINAMOOL (followers of Abhishek Banerjee), such a conflict may be hypothetical in reality. While people tend to believe Mamata Banerjee is empathetic towards the original TMC-locals of the area & she doesn’t endorse Yuva Trinamool’s reign of terror in the District, the reality may be else. There are corroborative evidence to deduce that Mamata Banerjee herself too endorses Yuva Trinamool’s terror model. A video went viral in Social Media where Mamata Banerjee asked Saokat Molla, MLA of Canning Purba why he didn’t allow Jahangir to enter Jibantala, Canning. While Saokat Molla talked about Court Order & Murder-charge against Jahangir, Mamata Banerjee quickly shifted the topic. The video indicated TMC-terror-symbol Jahangir was not only close to nephew Abhishek Banerjee, but also to Pishi Mamata Banerjee who wanted Jahangir to ‘operate’ in Canning too. Hence, the conflict between Mother Trinamool & Yuva Trinamool appears hogwash.
Nature of TMC Goons
Saikat Molla was one man who, following a stone-pelting-attack on J P Nadda’s convoy on Diamondharbour Road on December 10, 2020, screamed on a road-rally that stones were pelted on BJP's mere convoy while in coming days people would beat BJP men black n blue on sight. Such are goons TMC is riding on to retain ‘power’. The Reign of terror is run by a key person in each area of South 24 Parganas (e.g Jahangir in Falta, Arabul Islam in Bhangor). Such people need the due attention of ECI to create a pre-poll fearless environment to enable genuine voters to turn up. ECI may expect violence to any extent on both April 6 & 10.
No Real Conflict between Mother Trinamool & Yuva Trinamool
More corroborative facts to substantiate the absence of real conflict between Mother & Yuva Trinamool was evident when, in February 2021, Mamata Banerjee vocally challenged BJP from her Rally at Pailan, South 24 Parganas—“Fight my nephew first, then come to me”. The statement was in direct support of Abhishek Banerjee’s reign of terror & corruption. MOTHER & YUVA—seemed two faces of the same cult supported by each other having people in between politically sandwiched.
Hindus won’t vote in Bhangor, said TMC Rajyasabha MP
Bhangor in South 24 Parganas is an Assembly where a man called Modassar Hossain was heard saying in a viral video that they’d decide who would cast vote & who’d not. Hossain stated with confidence—“let CRPF work in the booth, our boys would play on the ground”. TMC’s Rajyasabha MP Subhashish Chakraborty was heard saying c Hossain that Hindus of that area couldn’t be allowed to vote. Chakraborty was seen identifying individual booths where Hindus were present in large number. Hence ECI may expect havoc in Bhangor on April 10.
Did Mamata Banerjee Ask a TMC MP to Dig A BJP Candidate into the Ground?
On March 28, a video went viral on Social Media that seemingly contained Mamata Banerjee's instruction to Mathurapur Loksabha Kshetra’s TMC MP C. M. Jatua to burry BJP Candidate Dilip Jatua of Mandirbajar Assembly Constituency of South 24 Parganas into the ground. CM herself instigated lethal violence against opposition candidates? Following this, Dipak Halder, BJP candidate of Diamondharbour Assembly Constituency was attacked yesterday who had to be hospitalized. No amount of violence would perhaps come as surprise to Election Commission as far as Election in South 24 Parganas is concerned. In the month of March, Security Forces had recovered crude bombs in several places of South 24 Parganas which have been reported by the media. One such place was Bhangor along with several other places. Chhoto Ganti village of Rajarhat adjacent to Bhangor had been detected as a place manufacturing illegal arms.
Baruipur Purba: The Assembly of South 24 Parganas that Homes Rohingyas
The account of South 24 Parganas can’t be concluded without talking about Baruipur. Hardaha village belonging to Baruipur Purba Assembly Constituency is the illegal entry-point of Rohingyas in West Bengal. They enter from Bangladesh via waterways. Mohammad Kamruzzaman is reportedly 'in-charge of Rohingya-import in South Bengal. On March 20, 2018, he threatened to bring WB to a dead halt if anyone dared to protest against Rohingyas' accommodation in WB following which, on March 29, Anandabazar Patrika reported 60,000 more Rohingyas were held on the river border awaiting entry to the State. The same Mohammad Kamruzzaman has now turned into a ‘Muslim Intellectual' of West Bengal whom Sujan Chakraborty of CPM has met in a formal gathering of Muslim intellectuals in the pre-poll phase. What such intellectuals might have discussed in their meeting? Rohingya-infested Baruipur Purba would go on the poll on April 6. As per Times of India, EC's vigil recovered huge number of bombs in Narendrapur P.S. under Baruipur Police district on 27-28 March at a bamboo-fenced tile shed room beside Bheri at Kantipota, Kheadaha. This is the place where Rohingyas are based at.
Diamond harbour Riot During 2019 Loksabha Election
Last but not the least, Muslim & Non-Muslim lobby of TMC had been at loggerheads during the 2019 Loksabha Election when war call had been announced from a local Mosque against Hindus in Diamondharbour & the place faced a communal riot through which Abhishek Banerjee could finally win Diamondharbour Loksabha Kshetra. People commented his victory to be worse than a defeat. Common people of South 24 Parganas expect a political party to stand stout in favour of democracy & against TMC-terror. They also expect goons to learn necessary lessons, but can’t believe that would ever happen. Hence, while expecting the best, Election Commission would have to remain prepared for the worst to conduct Election in South 24 Parganas in the coming 2 days. Impossible is nothing.