Fearing Islamist Attack, Security Alert Given for Easter Celebrations in Indonesia

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Following the threat of Islamist terror attacks, security was tightened around churches in Indonesia for Easter celebrations.
Two suicide bombers had attacked a church in South Sulawesi on March 28. More than 20 churchgoers were injured.
On March 31, a 25-year-old ISIS-sympathiser woman in Burka attacked a police station. She entered the police station and started firing indiscriminately.
The police across the country were alerted in anticipation of terror attacks.
Indonesia has around 10 percent Christian population.
The country has seen multiple Islamist attacks targeting Christians and other minorities.
In a video message posted on social media platforms, former US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard raised the issue of threats to religious minorities across the globe from Islamists.
There was a significant population of Christians in countries like Iraq and Syria. But systematic persecution by Islamists over the years have brought down their numbers significantly.