Badruddin Ajmal’s Son Says Next Govt in Assam will be of “Dhadi, Topi, Lungiwala”

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AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal’s son raked up a controversy Friday saying the next government in Assam will be of “Dhadi, Topi, Lungiwala”.
Ajmal’s son Abdur Rahim was campaigning for a party candidate.
This statement came after he made another controversial statement.
In another poll rally, Abdur said when the next government was formed in the state the people would need to respect Burkha, beard and skullcap.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed such statements saying they have given enough hints about what the next government would look like if AIUDF comes to power.
All India United Democratic Front is contesting the assembly poll in alliance with Congress in Assam.
Third and final phase of voting for the 126-seat Assam assembly is on April 6. The counting of votes will start on May 2.