Atia Sabri, Triple Talaq Petitioner in Supreme Court, Wins Alimony Battle in Saharanpur Court

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Atia Sabri, one of the petitioners in the Triple Talaq case in the Supreme Court, Saturday won an alimony battle against her estranged husband in Saharanpur court.
The court ordered her husband to pay INR 21000 per month as monthly maintenance to her. It also ordered her husband to pay INR 13.4 lakh as arrear as the case was ongoing for about five years.
Mohammed Wajid Ali married Sabri in March 2102. She had a baby girl in 2013. Sabri had another girl in 2014. That’s when all the problems begin.
Ali and his family started harassing her for not producing male children. They also started demanding dowry. Physical and mental torture continued.
Sabri’s world came crashing down in November 2015 when Ali divorced her through triple talaq. Immediately she was thrown out of the house.
This is when she moved the Supreme Court against the regressive practice of instant Triple Talaq.
In a majority 3:2 verdict, the Supreme Court outlawed the Instant Triple Talaq terming the practice “unconstitutional”, “arbitrary” and “not part of Islam”.