“Didi, Your Defeat is Nearing”, says PM Modi in Tarakeshwar

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While addressing a mammoth rally ahead of the third phase of the West Bengal assembly election, PM Modi slammed the Trinamool Congress for their misrule over the past decade.
Didi, O didi, haar aapke saamne hain, accept it, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi
“If a player raises a question on the umpire time and again, we know there's some problem in his/her game! In politics, if someone questions the EVM or the EC time and again, we must understand the game's over!” said PM Modi.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged, "The TMC looted the Panchayats and Panchayat elections. State administration is being run from TMC party offices!"
PM Modi also elaborated on the cut-money which the TMC leaders looted from the common people.