Saving Lives in Saurashtra

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Rajkot: The pace of the Corona pandemic has increased in various states of the country, particularly in Saurashtra. More than 8,000 cases of new infections are being reported every day. The situation is getting serious in various districts. In times of crisis, the swayamsevaks of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh have been engaged in service for the beleaguered victims and the needy. To help save lives, an immunity-boosting decoction is being distributed in Kutch-Bhuj. Along with this, a COVID Care Centre has also been started. Swayamsevaks are also doing service work to assist the hospital administration.
In Morbi, the area most affected by COVID-19, swayamsevaks have started work of antigen test facility, ambulance service and funeral service. Due to the high infection in Rajkot, quarantine patients are also volunteering for food, fruits, oxygen cylinders, medical counselling, as well as assistance in administration and funeral assistance in the crematorium. Similarly, in the districts of Jamnagar, Gondal and Junagadh, decoction, oxygen, transporting patients to the hospital, correctly guiding the patients wandering here and there for treatment, are being assisted in getting them admitted to the hospital for treatment.
Swayamsevaks are fighting against the pandemic as per the region's requirement and keeping the society ahead and moving on the duty path without expecting publicity. And while following the path shown by Dr K.B. Hedgewar, they are not even worried about risking their lives to serve humanity.