Rajasthan Congress Leader Thrashes Saints, Gets Caught on Camera, Releases a Video Where She Can be Seen Distributing Masks

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Rajasthan Congress leader was caught on camera Tuesday thrashing saints with sticks who were out to ask for bhiksha.
The two saints, who were not wearing masks, were out to ask for bhiksha. The Congress leader was also not wearing the mask.
Section 144 is in place in Rajasthan and so gathering of four or more people is not allowed.
The video went viral.
After realising that she has been caught on camera, the leader, councillor Poonam Mahant, shot another video and released it to the press.
In the video shot by her, she could be seen distributing masks to saints.
This is no isolated incident of vandalism and violence committed by Congress leaders.
The Mumbai Congress leaders Tuesday vandalised the office of a beverage company over an advertisement video which Congress claimed defamed Congress president Sonia Gandhi and former Congress president Rahul Gandhi.
Not only this, the Mumbai Congress released a press note claiming responsibility for the vandalism and also claiming a nice lesson was taught to the company.
The Mumbai Congress president released a separate statement threatening the company to apologise for the video or get ready to face more consequences.