Delhi High Court to Arvind Kejriwal Govt: No Request Was Made for Special Covid Health Centre for Judges or Family Members

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The Delhi High Court Tuesday said it had not asked for any special Covid Health Centre either for judges or their families.
The Delhi government on Sunday passed an order turning 100 beds of five-star Ashoka Hotel into CHC, reserved only for High ourt judges, judicial officers and their families. The order mentioned it was done on a request of the Delhi High Court.
The order noted “It appears that the GNCTD, on its own, has proceeded to issue the order…” The Bench said “You are passing orders left, right and centre.”
The Bench further observed “Bench: Can we as an institution say that create a special facility for us? Will this not be blatantly discriminatory that people can’t get treatment and there is a facility in five star hotel for us?”
It also said “You cannot make an exclusive facility like this for a class. The order is wrong.”
Advocate Santosh Tripathi, appearing for the Delhi government, said the said order would be withdrawn.