Global Support for Bharat Pours in for Fight Against Covid-19

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The global community has extended support to Bharat in its fight against the latest wave of Covid-19.
The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the United Kingdom “side by side with India in the shared fight against COVID-19.”
He further added, “Vital medical equipment is on its way from the UK to India to help stop the tragic loss of life from the virus and we’ll continue to work closely with the Indian government during this difficult time.”
The UK has already dispatched the first lot of 600 medical pieces of equipment which are expected to reach Delhi Tuesday morning. It includes ventilators and Oxygen concentrators.
More ventilators and other medical devices are expected to arrive in Delhi by the end of the week.
In a message of solidarity, the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen tweeted, "The EU is pooling resources to respond rapidly to India’s request for assistance via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. We stand in full solidarity with the Indian people."
France, another European country, extended full support to Bharat in the fight against the pandemic. It announced it would be sending ventilators, Oxygen concentrators and other medical equipment soon.
One of the most surprising turnarounds was from Germany. After criticising Bharat’s approach to vaccine export, Chancellor Angela Merkel did a u-turn and promised to provide every help in its fight against the virus.
Another big turnaround came from the US. A day after refusing to lift the ban on export of raw materials for the vaccine, the US announced it would not only allow the export of the raw materials but would also provide every other help to defeat the Covid-19 virus in Bharat.
Other countries including Afghanistan, Australia, Denmark, Singapore, Bhutan, China and Pakistan, extended support to Bharat.