Ban on Yoga in Public Schools in Alabama to Continue, Bill to Revoke Ban Defeated in Senate

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The ban on Yoga in public schools in Alabama in the United States of America to continue as the bill to revoke the ban has been defeated in the Senate.
The bill was passed in the House of Representatives with 84-17 votes.
It had gone to the Senate for approval. It is necessary for the bill to pass the Senate to become a law.
Yoga was banned by the Alabama State Board of Education in 1993.
The conservative Christians believe Yoga will lead to the conversion of Christians to Hinduism.
The state legislator from the Democratic party, Jeremy Gray, who had moved the bill said he had been practising Yoga for 10 years and still goes to church every Sunday.
The bill had provisions to give English names to asanas and had prohibited use of mantras and namaste greetings.
But all hope is not lost as the bill is expected to be introduced again for revoting.