An Anarchy Called 'DMK': Sexist Comments, Hooliganism and Money Power

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Andimuthu Raja’s crass comments on Chief Minister Edapadi K Palaniswamy, now had AIADMK moved the poll body against former Union Minister Dayanidhi Maran for his ‘mummy-daddy comment’.
Acting on the complaint and the interim reply received from Andimuthu Raja, Election Commission termed his comments against Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Palaniswamy as ‘obscene’ and akin to ‘lowering the dignity of women'. It reprimanded Raja and barred him from campaigning for 48 hours. The EC has also delisted his name from the list of star campaigners ahead of the April 6 assembly elections. On 30th EC has sent a notice to Raja following a complaint from AIADMK over his comments against CM Palaniswamy and questioning his birth.
EC in its order dated 1st April said, “The commission also advises you (Raja) to be watchful and not to make intemperate, indecent, derogatory, obscene remarks and lower the dignity of women in future during the election campaign”. A Raja initially refused to admit his mistake saying his speech was distorted, understood wrongly and blamed the media for misquoting. He was forced to apologize when AIADMK cadres launched protests against him in the state.
“It was because of 2G scam involving him and Kanimozhi, DMK lost the 2011 and 2016 elections. Now again in 2021, he could be a factor for DMK’s worst-ever debacle in the husting. Kanimozhi who condemned Raja’s affront against women and asked him to tender apology also wanted action against Udhayanidhi Stalin for his comments on CM in an obscene manner. She is learnt to have expressed her angst over why Raja was singled out whereas Udhayanidhi and others are not touched”, said a source close to the DMK.
Realizing the mood and pulse of the people, Stalin, it is alleged, forced Raja to tender apology. In that too, Raja made a conditional apology not regretting for what he said on CM and his mother. He said it was a simile of newborn babies to explain the evolution of Stalin and Palaniswamy as political leaders. Raja said “ I came know from the media that Palaniswamy was “ deeply hurt’ over his statement about him. I am deeply saddened for the fact that he was upset over my statements interpreted out of context. Here I express my regret. Or above all, if he is really personally hurt beyond the political context, I express my sincere apologies. I repeat Palaniswami and everyone that my statement was not a personal remark about two leaders but a critique about them”.
The ruling AIADMK on 31st March approached the Election Commission with a complaint against DMK MP Dayanidhi Maran over his unparliamentarily ‘ Mummy-Daddy comments against late CM Jayalalithaa and Prime Minister Modi. AIADMK’s joint secretary R M Babu Murugavel in his complaint to EC said, “Dayanidhi Maran has violated the model code of conduct with his ‘filthy’, unparliamentarily words tarnishing and maligning the image of Jayalalithaa and PM Modi ‘ at an election meeting on 28th March in Kinathukadavu assembly constituency.
For AIADMK cadres, Jayalalithaa meant “Amma” like Kalaignar in DMK. Murugavel said Dayanidhi Maran in his address at the meeting said “our Amma is mummy for us. Modi is Daddy for us. See what kind of relationship”. Murugavel said Maran made the ‘filthy comments referring to the speech made two years ago by AIADMK Minister K T Rajendra Balaji, who for ‘rhyming purpose” had said Modi is our daddy’.
“ Dayanidhi Maran made these remarks with an intention to defame Jayalalithaa and PM Modi ‘with the blemish meaning of ‘Relationship of Mummy and Daddy between them”. He urged the Election Commission to register a criminal case against Dayanidhi Maran and also ban him from electioneering.
Now the election commission has called for a report from the District Election officials over Dayanidhi’s Mummy , daddy remarks. After getting the same, EC may consider a notice to Dayanidhi asking for his explanation before proceeding further in the matter.
In another bizarre event, Cuddalore DMK candidate and former MLA K Ayyappan have threatened the voters in the name of witchcraft. While seeking votes in Suthukulam area, Ayyappan spoke in the midst of people. In a video that was doing rounds in social media, Ayyappan was heard saying, “if offered cash or kind, accept them if you like. But don’t spend the money till 6th April the day of polling. Because we have invited tantric and witchcraft practitioners from Kerala. They are expected to be here in a couple of days. Through them I have applied witchcraft. You know the powers of occult. The money we give or already given have their magical power on it. (Involving sorcery or magic or invocation of supernatural powers to control people to act the way they wanted or harm their lives). If you do not vote for me, you will get stomach ache, vomiting, nausea and death for some, in that eventuality, I am not responsible”.
It is common candidates would lure the voters with promises, freebies. Some candidates tried to impress the voters did house chores while door-to-door canvassing like washing clothes, turned tea master and parotta master, making biryani, driving and using hand pump to draw water etc. Some prostrate before the voters to vote for them and asked them to make a pledge to that effect. But the Cuddalore DMK’s candidates threatening of occult and witchcraft measures are unheard in the annals of electioneering. They may indulge voodo spirit possession methods by through dolls or things. His methods evoked ire from the voters which is undemocratic and superstitious. Irony is that the threat came from the DMK which is against old traditions and no faith in god and such occult methods. For votes, they will conveniently bury the ideologies.
In the Chepauk constituency, DMK candidate Udhaya Nidhi Stalin's party cadres ran away with biryani vessel. One of the party leaders approached a biryani stall and demanded supplying food to the workers. The owner asked them to pay in advance. There was a heated argument. As the argument grew, one of the members had suggested that they did not have to pay if they run away with the vessel containing biryani. Accordingly, they took the vessel and fled the area much to the shock and protest of the owner of the biryani stall. The DMK leaders in the same locality threatened the owner of an old building into giving them to set up a campaign office. DMK cadres are known for asking for mamools or protection money, biryani and other food free of cost, stealing goods, attacking cellphone, tender coconut traders, stealing Cuddappa stone from a tea shop besides land grabbing, misbehaving with women, crass language on women and opposition leaders.