Norway raises alarm over unhindered exploitation of dual use technology by Pakistan

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Norway on Monday raised alarm over unhindered exploitation of dual use technology by Pakistan to aid its nuclear programme. According to a threat assessment report by the Norwegian security agencies, Pakistan's practice of bypassing all international safeguards in gaining the latest nuclear technology on the pretext of using it for education and health is posing the greatest threat to them.
Norway is not the only country to realise the immense risk stemming from transferring critical technologies to Pakistan. Its assessment follows several other countries' public acknowledgement of the nuclear threat posed by Pakistan.
German authorities disclosed in 2020 that Pakistan had sought technology for weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in order to retain a serious deterrent potential against India. The agency provided a detailed account of Pakistan's efforts to steal information and material about nuclear weapons.
Czech Republic in its report titled "Annual Report of the Security Information Service for 2019" also drew global attention towards Pakistan misleading the world in procuring internationally controlled items and technologies to aid its nuclear programme. In 2019, the US Department of Justice indicted five persons associated with a Pakistan based front company for operating a network that exported US origin goods to Pakistan.