Cong’s Miya Culpa

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Eyeing on illegal immigrant votes, Congress continues to play the ‘minority card’ in Assam. It had aligned with a party which openly proclaims that it wants to ‘Islamise Assam’. Congress wants to do away with CAA and NRC, while BJP promises to protect cultural identity of Assam and bring in laws against Love Jihad and Land Jihad
 -Partha Pratim Mazumder

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Rahul Gandhi and AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal
The people of Assam have understood that Congress politics is all about minority appeasement. This can be seen from the recent address of Assam Pradesh Congress Committee president Ripun Bora where he described members of the Miya community as ”our people” . The Miya people are descendants of migrant Muslims from Mymensingh, Rangpur and Rajshahi divisions, who settled in Assam during the British Raj.
The Congress president admitted that the Assam Congress has been continuously working for preserving the Miya culture. He also accepted that the party has a soft corner towards the Miya community and the party’s plans to provide land lease to the Miyas of Char Chapari.
Pointing out that Congress had planned the NRC process in Assam way back in 2005, the Congress president said that party had provided certificates to all Miya people of Char Chapari. These were certificates of Indian citizenship.
It is pathetic that Ripun Bora is silent about illegal immigration. He did not mention this subject even once during his address. In fact, he has made it clear that Assam Bachao Abhiyan seeks to support Miya people of Char Chapari. This is the ideology of Assam Congress which has not yet realised implications of illegal immigration that has inflicted unimaginable damage on socio-economic conditions of the people of Assam.
Invading Assamese Culture
It is now quite clear that the 2021 Assam election is the most significant one for the people of Assam. It is a new civilisational war against illegal immigration. Therefore, supporters of illegal immigration are fighting against proponents of Assamese identity. The outcome will eventually decide the future of the State in the years to come. There is a bitter electoral battle as far as detection and deportation of foreigners is concerned.
The Opposition consists of a shifting alliance between illegal immigration supporters, Leftists and the old Socialist parties that have long been pitted against each other. Throwing their differences aside, they have combined against the Bharatiya Janata Party.
Rights of Indigenous People
Meanwhile, the BJP has clearly said in manifesto of Assam that it would ensure “corrected National Register of Citizens (NRC)” if it came to power. Among its ten commitments, the party also mentioned several developmental measures, including a promise to solve Assam’s flood problem, as well as protection of indigenous rights.
The biggest complaint of the Khilanjiyas (sons of the soil) is that their children are losing jobs to outsiders (illegal infiltrators). It is also true that most of the districts in Assam have now become an abode of minorities—the Muslims
The final Assam NRC — which excluded 19 lakh people — was published on August 31, 2019. Following that, the Sarbananda Sonowal-led BJP government, alleging wrongful exclusions and inclusions, maintained that it will not accept the NRC in its current form. Since then, the list has remained in a limbo. Those excluded are yet to be issued rejection orders with which they can appeal at the State’s Foreigners’ Tribunals (FTs). In its manifesto, the BJP has promised a law against the menace of ‘Love Jihad’ and ‘Land Jihad’.
The Opposition, most notably the Congress family, has tried to give itself a new Assamese face. Opposition is not criticising All India United Democratic Front leader Badruddin Ajmal, because they know the percentage of illegal Muslim foreigners in Assam.
The Assamese society must be careful not to get swayed by opportunistic electoral theatrics of visiting temples or any other regional sentiments. They need to cast their universal adult franchise based on a genuine reason.
The Assamese voters must make sure that they use their universal adult franchise for those who support the cause of dharma and are creating a future for Assam that honours its wisdom traditions and Satra culture.
Opposition groups are happy appearing with Maoist and Jihadi sympathising groups. Assamese society must realise the dangers of supporting such groups in any part of the State.
The biggest complaint of the Khilanjiyas (sons of the soil) is that their children are losing jobs to outsiders (illegal infiltrators). It is also true that most of the districts in Assam have now become an abode of minorities--the Muslims.
To protect the political interests of the people of Assam, BJP has announced that a delimitation exercise will be undertaken in the State. It will formulate a De-Radicalisation policy to safeguard the local people of Assam. Now people of Assam must take a decision whether they support the Manifesto of BJP or votaries of illegal immigration.