Chasing Hindu Gods

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Appeasement politics is facing Law of Diminishing Returns. With elections round the corner, secular politicians—from West Bengal to Tamil Nadu to backwaters of Kerala—who used to trample upon Hindu sentiments and dismiss existence of ‘Hindu vote bank as mere heresay’ are busy propitiating Hindu Gods, taking holy dips in the Ganges, hopping temples, publicly displaying their janeus and religious scholarship. Kerala Marxists who arrogantly proclaimed that they would not change their ‘progressive stance for a few votes’ had to eat a humble pie when the Commie Devaswom Board Minister expressed regret for his government’s Sabarimala misadventure. The moral: Only through increased political consciousness will Hindus get their due

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Mamata Banerjee offers prayers at the Jagannath Temple in Puri, recently
Hindu Gods are simple-hearted, loving Paramaatman, who appear in different forms to different devotees as per a devotee’s wish. They don’t frighten their devotees with angry threats. They giveunconditional love to anyone who comes to them, from whichever path they come. They are neither confused nor upset if we call our Paramaatman, the Supreme Being as Mother, Father, Brother, Friend or even Lover. According to sources, they are a little confused these days.

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Priyanka Gandhi performing a ritual at the Ganga
Bhagwan Vishnu called the universal roving confidant, Narad, who always has some breaking news or the other one day, and asked him, “O, Narad! I and my various incarnations are a little confused. I am watching some visitors who never visit me in temples in front of me. Nowadays, they are visiting my temples every 5-6 months. Why, dear Narad? What is their compulsion? I never bothered them? I wish them well anyways.”
Narad, smiled and spoke, “Prabhu, those whom you are seeing suddenly are politicians of Bharat.There are too many elections in your chosen punyabhoomi, Bharat. Every 5-6 months there are elections. Earlier these people could simply tinkle the bell in their home temples and then visit mosques and churches for votes. They used to even abuse your devotees as orthodox, hateful and violent for no fault of Hindus. But, there has arisen a karma yogi called Narendra Modi. He comes from a group of devotees who worship you as Bharat Mata. This group is called Sanghis by its haters but I find them dedicated to serve their motherland whom they treat as Durga’s own incarnation. He has upset their well settled practices. This is why you find these rarely seen human beings at your doors.”
The Omniscient, still puzzled by his own children who were always upto some pranks in trying to show themselves bigger than him, asked, “How could my one karma yogi, change the behaviour of so many politicians, Narad? I find some who abuse my one avatar but worship the other. That’s not what my Rishis told them. I find some atheists who for years have abused me, suddenly appearing at my doors.

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DMK Chief MK Stalin paying tributes at Muthuramalinga Thevar Memorial
They come from Bengal, from Andhra Pradesh, from my lovely abodes, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. I was a bit perplexed when I saw a person who tells people that Murugan is fine, but his younger brother Ganesh is not ok. A couple of persons with Red glasses, who are full of hate for me, are also making rounds.”

‘CM Scuttled Saraswati Puja’

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was the person who denied permission to hold Durga puja and Saraswati Puja celebrations to appease Muslim radicals, said BJP candidate from Nandigram Suvendu Adhikari. Addressing an election rally recently, Adhikari said: “Do not you all remember that it was she who had prevented Goddess Durga idol immersion? It was she who stopped Saraswati Puja in Uluberia....Mone achhey toh (Don't you all remember),” asked Adhikari.
"Please remember, April first (one) we should settle all scores," he said amid rousing thunderous applause from the gathering.
Nandigram goes to the polls on the second phase of polling on April 1. Mamata is the TMC candidate. Nandigram is the constituency from where Mamata built her political fortunes. Fourteen people were killed in 2007 in clashes between protesters against an SEZ project in Nandigram, cleared by the erstwhile Left Front government.
Suvendu's lawmaker father, Sisir Adhikari, known from his influence in Nandigram and other pockets in East Midnapore District, has backed his son's candidature from the constituency.
“If Mamata Banerjee contests from Nandigram and Suvendu is fielded (by BJP), Parinam Bhalo hobeh na - Poll outcome would not be favourable for Mamata”, said senior Adhikari. 
Narad indulged in some banter with his Swamin. He said, “Prabhu, you know everything.But you are having some fun at the cost of these poor souls. You know, your sons who call your dear Bharat bhoomi as mother and dedicate their lives to serve her and her children, have changed the atmosphere of Bharat totally with their tapasya of nearly 100 years. One of them, Narendra, after he became the Rashtra Sevak, or the Prime Minister, has charged your devotees with Bharat bhakti. With your blessings, the Ram Mandir is about to come up. He himself worships you openly which never happened since the British left Bharat. Young people too have suddenly become curious about history and dharma.
This has upset the game of Red, Green and White shirt wearing souls. I saw some people in your dear region of Tamil Nadu wearing black shirts visiting your temples. Aren’t they the people who abused you with chappals and abuses? This is, truly, confusing us simple bhakts.”

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Rahul Gandhi offering prayers at a temple
Bhagwan Vishnu almost laughed, adding, “Dear Narad, I was really amused when a young boy wearingjaneu on his coat claimed to be Brahmin! Then, there was his sister visiting temples but criticising my bhakt Narendra. Most funny was an effort by a Bengali mahila, trying to create divisions between me and Durga. My nature is to forgive people easily. But, how can I bless these seasonal visitors who otherwise abuse me and my bhakts? My bhakts must be really confused just as Shiv jiis. I think, you willhave to go to bhoolok and visit Bharat. You need to tell my people, not to be confused by these politicians’ games. Those who worship me truly, come to me. Those who worship me for fooling mydevotees to gain political crown will not come to me. They may end up as per their nature as various demons. Tell the clever politicians to change their ways and serve my people honestly.”

Mamata’s ire against Ram

Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh says Hindu religious chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ drives Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee crazy. According to BJP leaders, she indulges in such theatrics to appease Muslim radical elements. Mamata has said that Ram is an ‘outsider’ and was never part of Bengali ethos.
However, Ram has been a powerful religious and cultural icon in Bengal. When senior BJP leader LK Advani’s Ram Rath Yatra in 1990 entered Bengal it drew huge response from people. Though BJP was not a major player then, still people turned up in large numbers to welcome the Ram Rath Yatra. After the Rath Yatra, BJP’s vote share in Bengal grew from 0.51 per cent in 1987 to 11.34 per cent.
Commenting on Mamata Banerjee’s annoyance over Jai Shri Ram, Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh said: “lack of strong organisational cadre meant that the Communist propaganda demoralised the people a lot. A renaissance is the need of the hour in Bengal, which most of the State people understand, especially the youth. From when did chanting Jai Shri Ram become a criminal offence? In every household of Bengal, you will find Shri Ram. Just like how the Britishers were afraid of Vande Mataram and brutally tortured anyone chanting Vande Mataram, the current regime is similarly scared of Jai Shri Ram.”
In her column, Debjani Bhattacharyya writes: “There exists consistent effort to belittle Shri Ram in West Bengal for decades. Trend thereof got set by Communists and continued more vigorously in the Banerjee era. In the last ten years, Raghuveer Shri Ramchandra has been described as a nomadic character in Class VI text book of West Bengal Government Schools. The book describes the word ‘Ram’ in Sanskrit to mean ‘roaming’ and falsely claims that the Sanskrit word ‘Ram’ has evolved from the English word 'Roaming' since both mean the same— wandering. Thus, the book manipulatively tried to establish a false narrative that Ram was a wanderer, a Nomadic who entered our land and gradually defeated the original inhabitants of this land.” 
Hearing this, Narad, who always enjoys wandering and loves to visit Mother Earth, turned pale. Narayan… Narayan… Prabhu what is this punishment? I have done no wrong. I can advise the simple people of Bharat who love you. But, how can I advise these clever politicians? I don’t wish to suffer the ignominy of being treated with disrespect!” Hearing this, the ever kind Prabhu told Narad, “Ok, dear Narad, I won’t trouble you. I think, my true bhakts are capable of teaching this lesson to my fake bhakts.”
(The writer is an author and columnist)