Hindus demand strong action against Hinduphobic Oxford Faculty Abhijit Sarkar

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The Hindu community living in the UK has submitted a formal complaint to Oxford University against its Hinduphobic professor Dr Abhijit Sarkar for his repeated abusing of Hinduism and his deep hate for India. He is also accused of abusing, hounding and harassing Rashmi Samant, for being a Hindu.
The Hindu community has raised three demands regarding this:
1) That Oxford University call Abhijit Sarkar to account for his hate speech and presence on social media culminating in disciplinary action to be taken with suspension from his working duties with immediate effect until the conclusion of your investigation.
2) That Oxford reflect upon its tolerance of Hindu phobic stance by its staff.
3) That Oxford investigate other trollers amongst its staff who are spreading hate thought against Hindu society especially British Hindus.
The Hindu community, in its letter, has pointed out Sarkar’s deep hated for India with facts. Many of his academic papers are like propaganda pieces with blatant lies and divisive in nature. Many of the posts that he has shared from his social media handles are fake and has the potential to incite violence.
In the letter, the Hindu community has listed Dr Sarkar’s fake tweets which reflect his anti-India attitude point by point. They have also started an online campaign for a public apology from Dr Sarkar.