Andhra Pradesh: Conversion Mafia builds huge cross in Edlapadu; YSR Congress sponsored Christianisation drive on full swing

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In another attempt to destroy the cultural symbols of Andhra and to move ahead with their ‘Christianisation’ process, evangelists have erected a huge cross in Edlapadu at the public land meant for mining purposes.
For many years, Hindus in the region (Edlapadu in Guntur District of AP) have been performing Marriages at the Sita Paduka (Footprints of Sita Mata). Slowly, Christians came there and started claiming that the hill belongs to Mary.
But after YS Jagan came into power, they started constructing a Church adjacent to the hill where Sita Paduka exists. Again, both BJP & RSS started agitating against this. However, the District Magistrate Samuel who is a Christian extended support to the evangelicals. With his support, they started creating havoc and finally dug up the entire hill and levelled that and finally installed a huge Cross.
They also want to build malls and commercialise the entire area which is exactly adjacent to a National Highway.

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As per Legal Rights Protection Forum, BJP activists made a complaint to District Revenue Divisional officer about the ongoing encroachment and preparations for unauthorised construction of the church and plans to put a huge cross. They have also cited the various laws that are being violated by these perpetrators. However, this complaint was put aside without any action that resulted in a complete encroachment of hill by the law-breaking conversion mafia.
 The police department or district collectorate failed to reply to the previous complaint lodged against alleged encroachments on January 12, as said by LRPF in its tweet.