Clowning Glory

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Rahul Gandhi’s recent antics betray the bankruptcy of the oldest party of India which has nothing to offer to the voters other than the dynasty

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Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi dancing with College students in Kanyakumari
Congress has nothing to offer in terms of policy or performance to voters in Puducherry, or Tamil Nadu, for that matter. Therefore, Rahul Gandhi is trying to woo voters with his gimmicks. He is fully aware that he can’t get votes and save his sinking party.
The Nehru-Gandhi scion has been doing all kinds of things like dancing, singing, experimenting his culinary skills, puckish actions and palaver during the election campaign. During his first visit, he learned how to cook village-style biryani and onion raitha. In his second leg of his campaigning, he enacted more things. He betrayed his half-baked knowledge, insincerity and incompetency. He answered questions irrelevantly or wrong or with a simple ‘yes or no’. To drive home a point, when a girl asked him to comment on women empowerment, he replied totally unconnected answer much to the shock of attendees. At the St Joseph’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Mulagumoodu, he shook a leg with students. One wonders why all such programmes are being held only in government-aided Christian women colleges and schools? It is quite clear that to boost the DMK-Congress chances, the Catholic Church and evangelists have been using all their resources. These institutions are being funded by tax payers’ money. Had Modi or BJP did all these unethical things, would the media keep silent?