PM Modi slams DMK-Congress alliance over corruption issues calls their seat-sharing discussions as ‘corruption hackathons’

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Prime Minister Modi has flayed DMK-Congress combine describing them of corrupt parties that we're unable to give corrupt-free governance to Tamil Nadu.
PM Modi was on a whirlwind tour of Puducherry and Coimbatore. In both places he inaugurated and laid foundation stones to seven projects related to infrastructure, power, port development, and housing. Later in the evening, he addressed a massive gathering party cadre at the CODISSIA Trade Fair ground where PM Modi literally mounted a scathing attack on DMK and Congress parties. This was his first public election meeting in Tamil Nadu, which along with Kerala, Puducherry, West Bengal and Assam will go to polls in a two months’ time.
Continuing his brawling out on the DMK, PM Modi accused DMK of promoting strongman culture. He called it a den of anti-social elements. He said, “In every district, DMK’s anti-social elements will annoy common man. The DMK cadre allegedly would go on extortion spree from the public. The women of the state had suffered the most due to this culture. Entire Tamil Nadu knows how the DMK had treated Amma Jayalalithaa. I do not want to repeat it. The leaders who allegedly ‘troubled’ the former Chief Minister were ‘rewarded by the DMK and Congress”.
He branded the first seat-sharing talks between these parties as ‘corruption hackathons’ where leader of both parties ‘brain-stormed on how to loot’. PM Modi said, “Those suggesting the most innovative ways are honoured with posts and ministries. DMK as well as Congress parties suffer from ‘internal contradictions’ and ‘continuous family drama’. Both Parties have tried to launch and re-launch their respective first families but unsuccessfully. They are busy with internal matter that can’t give a good governance to Tamil Nadu. While in power both these parties did not bother about the demands of the Devendra Kula Vellalar community, but the AIADMK and BJP governments had conceded the community’s long-lasting demand. NDA family is united and the only aim of it is the welfare of TN. Both are classic examples of cooperative federalism. ”.
Modi said the NDA government at the Centre has ensured a life of prosperity and dignity to farmers in the past seven years and has brought a paradigm shift in farming sector through Kissan credit cards and the National Agriculture Market (eNAM) . Small farmers should not feel suffocated by middlemen. The minimum support price (MSP) for copra has nearly doubled in six years”.
Patting the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises ( MSME) in Coimbatore, Prime Minister said 14,000 crore has been sanctioned for 3.5 lakh MSMEs in Tamil Nadu including Rs. 25,000 enterprises in Coimbatore under the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee scheme. Bharat is proud of them. We will give governance with compassion.
Prime Minister Modi started his speech with “vanakkam Tamil Nadu ( salute to Tamil Nadu) vanakkam Coimbatore (a salute to Coimbatore)” and ended his speech by greeting the cadre in Tamil. He also took the opportunity to laud the richness of Coimbatore besides quoting a couplet from Thirukkural.
Amid his hectic schedule, Prime Minister Modi met the 105-year-old Thekkampatti organic farmer R Pappammal at the backstage of the meeting. She was recently conferred with the Padma Sri. The meeting lasted for five minutes, according to the party’s agriculture wing chief G K Nagaraj. PM later shared the pictures of his meeting with Pappammal on his Facebook and Instagram pages on the 25th evening.
Prime Minister Modi, while addressing a public gathering in Puducherry said, “In 2016, Puducherry did not get a people’s government. The former CM was an expert in lifting slippers of top party leaders (Narayanaswamy lifted the slippers of Rahul Gandhi when he visited after the cyclone) but he did not show interest in lifting the people out of poverty. The Congress coalition government did not cooperate to implement pro-people union government schemes. We assure Puducherry that the new government will be a people-powered one. The Congress has redefined the colonial ruler’s policy of ‘divide and rule’ into ‘divide, lie and rule’. Their leaders will gold, silver and bronze medals in telling lies. It is in the culture of Congress to spread lies. In spreading lies it has won several awards. Sometimes their leaders pit religion against religion and community against community. A leader say he will create separate ministry for fisher folk without knowing that there has been an exclusive ministry for fishermen since 2019. The former CM turned a complaint of a woman against him into a compliment while translating it to Rahul Gandhi. One could see the pain in her eyes and pain in her voice. He lied to the people and his own leader”.
PM Modi said, “The congress refused to conduct local body elections in the union territory despite the Supreme Court order. But it will never miss an opportunity to call others anti-democratic.”