France Summons Pakistan’s Envoy to Protest Pakistan President’s Criticism of ‘New French Counter Radicalism Law’

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The French foreign ministry summoned Pakistan’s envoy to protest Pakistan President Arif Alvi’s remark criticising the ‘New French Counter Radicalism Law’.
Addressing a conference on religion, Alvi has said the new French law, which cracks down on radicalism, stigmatises Muslims all over the world.
The legislative assembly in France has passed a new law that aims to check the growing radicalisation in the country. The law does not name any religion specifically.
Samuel Paty, a French teacher, was beheaded in October last year by his student Abdoullakh Abouyedovich Anzorov for showing a picture of Prophet Muhammad in class. He was discussing the concept of freedom of speech and expression.
There were massive protests in France for a law to check the growing radicalisation in the country.
The new French law to counter radicalisation does not name any religion but aims to check practices that promote radicalisation.
Referring to the French cartoon, Alvi has said the insult of the Prophet is the insult of all Muslims.