Eminent Cardiologist Dr Romesh Japra’s house in the U.S attacked by Khalistanis for supporting farm bills on Facebook

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In a shocking incident that happened in California (USA), eminent Cardiologist Dr Romesh Japra’s house was attacked by Khalistanis for supporting the three new farm bills passed by the Modi government. On February 20th, Dr Romesh Japra had requested his followers to join a car rally to support farm bills on Facebook. He posted, “Being a Farmer's son, looking forward to joining Car Rally to support real working Farmers rather than opportunistic Separatists, corrupt Broker Arhtees, terrorists, money-seeking Celebrities, so-called Influencers and hate-mongering Politicians! Join one and all !!” This request irked Khalistanis, they launched an online hate campaign against him and later his house was attacked.
This raises serious concern about the safety of Indians abroad. Khalistanis want to silence every pro-India voice abroad and even they didn’t space a revered physician like Dr Romesh Japra. There is widespread condemnation of the attack on Dr Japra’s house.