When ‘Joshua project’ meets Dar al-Islam; LRO accuses Agape Kashmir Trust of converting Kashmiri Muslims

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Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has alleged Agape Kashmir Trust and its head Pastor Neethirajan of receiving foreign funds to convert Kashmiri Muslims to Christianity. LRO tweeted, “#FCRAViolation Agape Kashmir Trust got funds from Punjabi Masihi Church- Canada, Kazanjian Foundation to build the kingdom of God in the Kashmir Valley & Mountains, means to convert #Kashmiri #Muslims to #Christianity. Wrote @HMOIndia for action #ConversionMafia”
On their website, Agape trust is introduced as a non-profit organization founded by Pastor Neethiraj to uplift the less privileged people of society. It is committed to sharing the love of God with Kashmir’s people and those in other regions and to serve the poor and needy. The word Agapeexpresses our love for one another and our love for God. Agape provides support for the destitute, widows, and less fortunate children.
Joshua Project is an evangelical mission to take Christianity to every corner of this world. Various conversion activities that we see around us are somehow related to this grand project. The Islamists of Kashmir valley always wanted to make it under Dar al –Islam or the‘ home of Islam’ with Islamic rules. An evangelical organisation converting Muslims in Kashmir valley to Christianity should be seen as a conflict between two ‘conversion enterprises’.