LRO Accuses Human Welfare Foundation of FCRA Violation and Funding Delhi Rioters

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Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has accused the Human Welfare Foundation of violating FCRA norms and financially aiding Delhi rioters. LRO tweeted, “#FCRAViolation Human Welfare Foundation got Rs 2.19 Cr from #FCRA, misused it for monitory supporting to Delhi rioters thru VISION 2026, has ties with #Maoist Gautam Navalakha. Patron former Chief Justice AM Ahmadi shielded #Bhopal gas accused, Wrote @HMOIndia for action.”
The Annual report of the Human Welfare Foundation (2019-2020) indicates that they provide assistance to the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. There are thousands of Rohingya Muslims who have illegally infiltrated to India and this organisation has launched schemes for them.

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Their schemes cover thousands of Rohingyan infiltrators and an inquiry is needed to identify these infiltrators and deport everyone who has entered India illegally.