Dangerous Designs

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Recent farmers’ protest and earlier agitations reveal how a conglomeration of foreign-funded NGOs, anarchists, tech-giants, Left-media outlets are trying to foment separatists tendencies leading to country’s disintegration

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The recent farmers’ protest has blown the lid off an international conspiracy to destabilise India and discredit Prime Minister Narendra Modi --hatched by a conglomerate of anarchists, Urban Naxals, opposition parties, international groups, jihadis and terrorists --aided and abetted by international NGOs, funding agencies, Left media outlets in India and abroad, tech giants and corporations. The protest, the mayhem that followed on India’s Republic Day in Delhi, and the coordinated media blitzkrieg, amplified by pop-stars and porn stars, have once again brought to the fore the role of foreign-funded NGOs and anarchists and their international funders.They are hell-bent on destroying the nation’s integrity. Inadvertent ‘tool-kit’ revelation by a self-styled environmentalist and her handlers had spilled the beans. The tool-kit for engineering violence was prepared by a pro-Khalistani NRI, who, in a viral video, has said that repeal of the farmers’ laws was not the ultimate aim – the real aim is to create Khalistan.
It is reported that the international celebrities were paid handsomely to create an anti-India build-up. US pop star Rihanna was paid $2.5 million (Rs 18 crore) by a public relations firm which allegedly has links with Khalistani groups.
Taking a high moral ground, international agencies like Amnesty International attempted to provide a moral shield to terrorists who came in the garb of farmers and unleashed violence on the Republic Day and laid siege on the Red Fort in Delhi. In a post on its website on February 9, Amnesty stated: “India: Government must stop crushing farmers’ protests and demonising dissenters”.
To understand the whole plot, one must dig deeper into their sources of funds and agenda of the promoters. One of the major funders of secessionist organisations the world over is Open Society Foundations (OSF). It has funded anti-Israel, Islamist Palestinian groups such as Al-Haq and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. These organisations share ideological affinity with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Terrorists associated with this outfit had mounted several terror activities targeting business interests of Israel. This group has been designated as a terrorist outfit by the US, EU, Canada, and Israel. Amnesty International has been a beneficiary of OSF funding for several campaigns. In 2019, it got a total of $1,927,205 from OSF. Russia banned OSF as its government feels, the organisation is fomenting trouble for its internal security. Hungary too has passed an anti-immigration law titled ‘Stop Soros’.
Billionaire George Soros is the main promoter of OSF which has been funding disruptive movements in democracies. Through his organisation, OSF, Soros has wreaked havoc on political and economic stability of countries. It is said that he had played a key role in the Asian Crisis of the 1990s, and ‘the coloured’ revolutions in former Soviet Republics. The Executive Intelligence Review feels Soros is the public face of Rothschild bankers. Soon after the Asia Crisis, Soros himself claimed: “If there was ever a man who would fit the stereotype of the Judeo-plutocratic Bolshevik Zionist world conspirator, it is me?” (Sydney Morning Herald, November 15, 1997). Australian writer Peter Myers notes Soros played a major role in restructuring the Polish economy along with former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker (later North American chairman of David Rockefeller’sTrilateral Commission); Citibank vice-chairman H Anno Ruding (ex-IMF); and Harvard Professor Jeffrey Sachs.

Mander’s Machinations  

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The Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has exposed the nexus between European Catholic Church and anti-India activities in India. Harsh Mander received crore of rupees from French and Danish Catholics, presumably to fuel unrest in India as witnessed in the Delhi anti-Hindu riots of February 2020. Mander's NGO, Centre for Equity Studies (@CEStudies), which in the name for fighting for people's rights has been indulging in anti-India activities, says LRO.
One of the donors of CES is Comité Catholique Contre's (CCFD-Terre Solidaire). Its wiki page says "It is The Catholic Committee against hunger and for development" but LRO states that there is no evidence of Harsh Mander's NGO working on hunger and development in India. Instead, 'Its core competence is #Hinduphobia n #HateIndia', says LRO. Another donor of CES is Action for Hope, which claims to be "Leading Pan- Arab Cultural Organization". LRO's investigation says that there was no proof that CES worked in "Service of Independent Cultural Field". "Thus We can conclude that #ISI used the A4H Group to pump money for #DelhiRiots", writes LRO.
According to LRO, US-based Indian Muslims Relief & Charity and UK-based Minority Rights Group pumped money to Harsh Mander's CES during the peak anti-CAA/NRC protests. "...motive of the donors n action of NGO on ground speaks lots seeing its role in #DelhiRiots", states LRO.
A Delhi-based St Mary’s School has asked school children in primary classes to take part in farmers’ tractor rally on January 26. Parents wonder how a school can ask minor students to take part in such events. Mander has close association with the authorities of this school where he has participated in many events.
In the World Economic Forum, Soros had pledged $ 1 billion to start a global University to “fight nationalists”. On India, he said: “The biggest and most frightening setback occurred in India where a democratically elected Narendra Modi is creating a Hindu nationalist state, imposing punitive measures on Kashmir, a semi-autonomous Muslim region, and threatening to deprive millions of Muslims of their citizenship.” Several Left media outlets and activists who fought legal battles against Rafale deal and CAA in the Supreme Court were funded by Soros.
Soros has funded massively for the US Democratic Party, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He played a major role in the Biden victory. It has been widely transpired that after having tasted blood in the recent US Presidential election, the ultra-Left-evangelist-Islamist conglomerate will turn its focus on India to stop the march of BJP in the next general election. The farmers’ protest was nothing but a rehearsal before the final showdown.
Funding Trouble
The Centre has given shape to the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA)-2010 to regulate the receipt and usage of foreign contribution by non-governmentl organisations (NGOs) in India. Despite several measures to mount a strict vigil, some organisations have found ways to hoodwink authorities and raise funds to create trouble in India.
Ever since the Narendra Modi Government came to power in 2014, the Home Ministry has cancelled the FCRA registration of over 14,800 NGOs, thus banning them from receiving funds from foreign donors.In November 2019, the government banned more than 1,800 NGOs and academic institutes from receiving funds from abroad for violating laws pertaining to foreign contributions.
Oxfam India
Oxfam India's CEO Amitabh Behar is a treasurer of Mander's NGO Centre for Equity Studies. Incidentally, he was one of the first to lash out at Union Home Minister Amit Shah for amending the FCRA Bill 2020 and restricting unruly NGOs from spending their foreign funds in an unrestricted way.
RO also says that UK-based Barclays transferred nearly Rs 3.25 Cr to Oxfam India during April to June 2020, which was the period when India was grappling with COVID-19 and lockdown was still in place across the country. LRO has urged the government to initiate a probe into the source of funds.
During the peak of Delhi anti-Hindu riots, Harsh Mander had exhorted youth to come on the streets to protest against CAA. His speech had gone viral on social media.
Donning Anti-India Mantle
Bombay Salesian Society of Don Bosco is accused of violating FCRA regulations. They have received Rs 10.19 crore in the previous one year, while they accumulated Rs 176 crore in the past 10 years. LRO also accused that this evangelical organisation of popping up a shadow organisation by the name ‘Vanashakthi’ to oppose Aarey Carshed in the third phase of Mumbai Metro.
Another organisation linked to the Don Bosco Society, Greenline, was also at the forefront on the protest against the Aarey Carshed. St Stanislaus School on Bandra, connected to the Don Bosco had made the parents of their students sign a letter to protest against Aarey Carshed. They had forced their students to take part in the protest against which the National Commission for the Projection of Child Rights had issued a notice to BMC.
Former Union Minister for Rural Development Jairam Ramesh had claimed that there is general understanding that evangelical organisation linked to the Salesians, Caritas India, was misusing the government’s work for conversion purposes. Former PM Manmohan Singh had also accused certain NGOs of fuelling protests against Kudankulam Nuclear Reactor.
Evangelical Frauds
The Economic Offences Wing of the Telangana Crime Investigation Department has reportedly frozen 26 bank accounts that belong to Operation Mobilization Trust and its group of Christian Charity organisations on November 21, 2020 based on criminal complaints lodged by Albert Lael, former Chief Finance Officer of Operation Mobilization India group of charities.
Albert Lael, who is also the National Director of 103 Good Shepherd Schools, has filed criminal complaints with the Criminal Investigation Department against Joseph D’Souza, his son Josh D’Souza and several others. Joseph D’Souza is the President of Christian evangelical organisation, Operation Mobilization, and several other entities such as ‘Operation Mercy India Foundation’, Dignity Freedom Network (erstwhile Dalit Freedom Network), Good Shepherd Schools and All India Christian Council.

Connections and ‘Cross’-Connections

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  • Amitabh Behar, Oxfam India's CEO, is treasurer of Mander's NGO, Centre for Equity Studies
  • Oxfam India is using FCRA funds to defame and stop export of Assam tea by showing shoddy reasons
  • Nalgonda Diocese has a written agreement with Canadian NGO to ‘donate religion’ to Hindu children, which essentially means conversion of Hindu children
  • Bombay Salesian Society of Don Bosco has accumulated Rs 176 crore in the past 10 years. This evangelical organisation popped up a shadow organisation by the name ‘Vanashakthi’ to oppose AareyCarshed in the third phase of Mumbai Metro
  • The EOW has reportedly frozen 26 bank accounts that belong to Operation Mobilization Trust and its group of Christian Charity organisations on November 21, 2020 over allegations of misappropriation of funds
  • Jharkhand-based Xavier’s Hazaribagh Association allegedly violated FCRA norms. XHA’s main donor Jesuit Mission Australia of campaigning in favour of arrested Maoist evangelist Stan Swamy
The Crime Investigation Department, in their notice vide notice no. U/S 91 & 160 CrPC, stated that during the course of an earlier ongoing investigation, the CID Police found that the accused persons have received huge amounts from abroad in the name of donations for running their charity activities, which are deposited into FDs. In order to stop this misappropriation of funds and other further diversion, the CID Police has frozen the 26 bank accounts of eight FCRA-registered Christian Organisations, including OM India.
Targeting Judiciary
Jharkhand-based Xavier’s Hazaribagh Association (XHA) for FCRA violation and accepting funds from a foreign donor to run a campaign against Indian judiciary, according to LRO. It has alleged XHA’s main donor Jesuit Mission Australia of campaigning in favour of arrested Maoist evangelist Stan Swamy. As a continuation to the earlier story, LRO tweeted, “Jesuits Mission Australia accepted on their official website that Hazaribagh in Jharkhand is their India's operation base. JMA forging alliances with radical Muslim organisations in India to tackle democratic voices opposing dubious religious conversions.”