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After the demise of USSR, the Cultural Marxists, influenced by Gramsci’s playbook for revolution, has taken over instituions and intellectual space under the guise of ‘Left-Liberals’ to destroy the Democratic systems and cultural heritage
-Dr Satya Dev Gupta  
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Lust for Power: Marxisr Thinker Antonio Gramsci describes
that power does not lie in the capital cities but resides in education institutions
The Left ideology has a peculiar virtue since it has shadowed almost the entire world. It is flourishing in the democratic countries even in the oldest and largest Republics, USA and India. However, the original concept of “Economic Socialism or Marxism” which was the basic concept of “Karl Marx” has vanished from the states where it flourished more than 5 decades. The USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) has broken in many parts, but it didn’t mean that the ideology of communism is finished. There was a time in the 50’s to 70’s when it was considered a big crime in the USA where no one could have the courage to declare it as a follower of “Left”, but now in the Western world, particularly the USA, Communists modified themselves to become “Left Liberals” and progressive. More than 25 per cent of youth are bewitched by the Red Bath revolution, but still many people contemplate it as either good or bad. “Economic Marxism” has been refashioned into “Cultural Socialism or Marxism” the term coined by Frankfurt School in Germany. It is based on the fact that there must be endless conflicts in society, leading to anarchy, which will create the ground for revolution.
It was Germany that was Cradle for this variety of Communism, not Russia. The “Frankfurt School” was founded in 1923 by Carl Grünberg, a Marxist professor and adjunct Marxist professor of law at the University of Vienna. Now, this philosophy has attained global dimension. The central argument is that all knowledge, even the most scientific or commonsensical is historical and broadly political. Critical theorists argue that knowledge is shaped by human interests of different kinds, rather than standing “objectively” independent from these interests.
Seeds of Italian Communism
Antonio Gramsci was an Italian Marxist philosopher, journalist, linguist, writer, and politician. He was a founding member and one-time leader of Italy’s Communist Party and was imprisoned by Benito Mussolini’s Fascist regime. Gramsci coined another term ‘Hegemony’ that provides the status quo, enabling the dominant group not to question the exsting setup. Hegemony can occur economically, politically, morally, ethically, intellectually, and in other ways but it sustained through set of values that is ‘Culture’. This novel concept advocates that real power lies in the intellectual realm through teaching institutions and think tanks where many people flock together and exchange their views.
Post-modernism by Left in Political Science believe that the political problems which cannot be discussed traditionally should be managed by other means. “Draft-age youth” and “the woman” whose very womb is claimed by narratives of ‘Church’ ‘paternity’, victims of globalised ‘liberal economy’ are three targets of these other means. In the Western World, their target is the Liberal Democracy, in Bharat along with Parliamentary Democracy, subverting the age-old “Sanatan Dharma” is the goal.
Indian Context
For more than 8000 years, our civilisation has been modified and contemplated as it fitted into Western and Islamic “Timeline”. Our festivals are also targeted by false and wrong narratives coined by Left liberals and their institutions, NGOs (Non-Voluntary “foreign-funded” Organisations). “Holi” is targetted as wastage of water, while during“Raksha Bandhan” the relationships between brothers and sisters is denounced as a symbol of patriarchy. Similarly, “Deepawali” is projected as the cause of air pollution. The traditional family values are tarnished, and the new generation is encouraged to leave them. Hinduism and “Sanatan Symbols” fell victim to ridiculous interpretations. At the same time, Animals slaughtering on Eid Al-Adha is celebrated as symbol of peace, and sacrifice. completely whitewashing the bloodshed and pollution. After Independence, the Pt Nehru under the garb of Democratic Socialism, a well-accepted soft word, allowed the blind followers of USSR and CHina to change the true essence of Indian culture, heritage, and civilisation. Communists branded “Nehruvian” ideological bent towards communism as “Idea of India” in turn undermined and damaged the age-old “Sanatan Sanskriti”.
Although a lot of damage was done by foreign invaders, much greater destruction was done after Independence. In history books “Sanatan Dharma” is shown as an evil-ridden society. From the very beginning, the social fabric based on Dharma has been ruined through education. In the post-Emergency period, Indira Gandhi further conceded the intellectual space to the Communists. ‘Eminent Historians’ with a clear ideological colour, Vipin Chander, Irfan Habib, Romila Thaper etc. who didn’t ever read Sanskrit but went on commenting on Vedas and other ancient texts. Playbook and the Game
“Economic Marxism” has been refashioned into “Cultural Socialism or Marxism” the term coined by Frankfurt School in Germany. It is based on the fact that there must be endless conflicts in society 
As per the playbook of the Cultural Marxists, there are four stages to demolish a society: (1) demoralisation (2) destabilisation (3) crisis (4) revolution, stabilisation, and grab the political power. Saul Alinsky, an American community activist, and political theorist has also mentioned his creation “Rules for Radicals”. We, the Indians, have been kept deliberately dark from our prestigious past heritage. The real heroes and heroines were tarnished while the plunderes and looters of our glorious civilisation were described as great and kind-hearted. We have crossed the stage one of Demoralisation. Now stage two is in progress; Congress, Left-liberals, Islamic fundamentalists, and democratically defeated groups are hell bent on destabilising the constitutionally elected Government.
An Italian political thinker Antonio Gramsci describes that power does not lie in the capital cities but resides in education institutions where youngsters could be infused with suitable ideas. The Left liberals are aggressively utilising this scheme. A lot of foreign funding is augmenting their endeavours. Foreign infiltrators, Rohingyas and Bangladeshis, have become the arrows in their hands to be shot as and when required. Islamic fundamentalists and separatists have emerged as their swords and Designer Media, infamous Jury and other intellectuals are acting shields to save anarchists from the legal onslaught. Now, it has become mandatory for the democratic countries to come together and make the laws to fight against this devil of the Neo-Left to save the democratic values and cultural heritage from the global, inconspicuous, unseen, covert, deceptive, and disguised 'Left Devil'.
(The writer is Ex-Head of Department of anesthesia Government Medical College, Jammu and presently the chairman of Trikuta Samvad Kendra, Jammu)