Maoists Issue Death Threats to Chhattisgarh Journalists

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The Communist Party of India (Maoists) has warned some Chhattisgarh journalists with death threats, alleging they are cooperating with the corporates and the government.
This has become all the more serious because they have named people in the note. The names mentioned are Liladhar Rathi, P Vijay, Ganesh Misra, Farukh Ali and Subhranshu Chaudhary.
“All the corrupt and agents of corporates will be tried and punished in the people’s court.” “Trial in the people’s court” is the euphemism Maoists use for killing carried out in front of a gathering.
They have also warned against the infrastructure projects going on in the region.
Ganesh Mishra, one of the journalists named in the note, said, “ It’s very scary. My family is also very disturbed. I’m in journalism for two decades but couldn’t afford a house. I’m barely able to survive.”
The Maoists have alleged these people cooperate with the administration in looting the resources of the tribals and farmers.
The Chhatisgarh DGP DM Awasthi has taken cognisance of the issue and directed the Bastar IG P Sundarraj to ensure the safety of the journalists in the region.
The journalism in Bastar was never safe. But, naming journalists have sent the chills down the spine of journalists.
They toil hard in the far off places, often endangering their lives, to get the news out of Maoists dominated places.
Journalists staged a protest in Bijapur Press Club and demanded the government take this threat seriously and ensure the safety of the journalists working in the region.