Ram Mandir Nirmaan Katha; a rupee 10 note and devotion to Lord Ram

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The toli for collection of Shri Ram Janma Bhoomi Nidhi Samarpan was returning home late evening.
A man gestured them to stop. The frail figure was carrying a "thela" in his amputated left hand. It seemed that he was devoid of speech. The gestures indicated that he wanted to know about the toli. The toli briefed him about the Nidhi Samarpan campaign. His eyes sparkled. He forwarded his amputated hand . Toli thought he was asking them to put some amount in the thela. So they said, "Aaj hum aapko dene nahi, aapse kuch lene aaye hain". He again forwarded his hand. This time the toli understood him right. They found a 10 rs note in his thela . To which he nodded to ask them to take the amount. The toli was awestruck by this divine gesture of him. He walked ahead after donating the divine sum. The toli left behind was a group of delighted and inflated hearts,to meet a gallant person as him and to receive a donation as divine as this.
It is the vibes like these that will make a heavenly and unprecedentedly divine place for Ram lalla, our Bhavya Ram Mandir. This is just one of the thousand incidents that is mentioned. The long wait of around 500 years has fruited. This generation is indebted to Siyavar Ram Chandra ji that we could see it happen in front of our eyes. Generations have been waiting for it, generations have fought for it. The gratitude, pride and happiness after contributing to the Ram Mandir construction cannot be penned down. It's their eyes that speak all about it. It’s the thought that makes them proud that they will be telling the future generations that when Ram Mandir was made with his contribution. It’s a collective feeling of the nation, a festival of which every Indian is a part. We are part of the beautiful story, which our future generations will be reading or listening from their dadis or nanis. Gratitude and congratulations to all the squirrels of Shri Ram Chandra ji contributing to Dharma.