Islamists bat for bifurcation of Kerala: Islamic body calls for Telangana-Model agitation to create Muslim majority State

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Samasta Kerala Sunni Students’ Federation (SKSSF) is the student organisation affiliated to Samastha (EK Faction), an influential body of Sunni (Shafi‘i) scholars and clerics in Kerala. The organisation was formed on 19 February 1989. Samasta is notorious for its conservative views on religious aspects and had always been politically backing the Muslim league.
Now, SKSSF mouthpiece Satyadhara’s editor Anwar Sadique Faisi has triggered massive controversy following his post on Facebook making a call for the creation of a new ‘Malabar state’ from Kerala. The demand for a Muslim majority Malabar state had been making rounds from the past few decades. Faisi wants Kozhikode to be the state capital of ‘Malabar state’. Kerala has been a breeding ground for Islamists to carry out their propaganda warfare against India.
Faisi in his FB post claimed that Malabar is not given any importance by the Kerala government. He said that the region was far behind in the education and healthcare sectors as compared to others. He also called for a ‘Telangana model’ agitation for the creation of a new state.
In the post, he is seen making an appeal to all religious-political-cultural associations to stand united for the Malabar state. But the real intention of the Islamists is the creation of a Muslim majority state. There are also other Muslim organisations demanding for the bifurcation of Muslim majority- Malappuram district in Kerala.
People like Faisi giving an open call for bifurcation of Kerala should be taken very seriously by the intelligence agencies.