World Democracies under threat

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-Surendra Kumar Gupta

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The two biggest democracies of the world, India & USA are undergoing serious threats from sinister designs of combined forces of Leftist, Jihadist and local separatist groups of respective Countries. Leftists in collaboration with Chinese Government, Jihadi terrorist organisations with Turkey's support having its epicentre in Pakistan with local separatist supporter group of Khalistan & Naxals in India and support of local Black Lives Matter in the USA are unitedly fomenting troubles against both the democracies through racking up one or the other issues against their respective governments. The same was witnessed in the USA through disturbances created by Black lives Matter in league with Democratic party just before presidential elections and later on in league with liberals, Leftists & media, Presidential election results were manipulated by these forces in favour of Democratic Party, while in India, disturbances & anarchy was created through agitation in Delhi against CAA and presently by so-called Farmers on Delhi borders, against three Bills passed by Parliament, by the gang of Leftists, Jihadists, Khalistanis and Opposition Parties.
As far as Indian context is concerned, the day Modi Government had taken over charge in 2014, the battery of Urban Naxals, Communists, Pseudo Secularists in the field of Cinema, Art & culture, literature, education, the so-called Tukre- Tukre gang and Jihadi elements aligned to exhibit their nefarious designs by raising the bogey of Mob Lynching of Muslims, theatrics of Award Vapsi, a long time agitation against the appointment of Gajendra Singh as head of Poona film Institute.
During the second term of Modi Government, they had become more aggressive now when they first managed communal riots in Delhi, later on, long Dharna on Delhi roads in opposition to newly passed CAA bill in Parliament. Now, when the present Government has shown its boldness in passing the important bills in Parliament against Triple Talaq, Abrogation of the article 370 & 35A in J&K and three bills passed for Farmer's upliftment. In a huff, these disgruntled elements mobilised thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana, Western UP, through misinformation campaign, against the Government, to sit on Dharna at Delhi's borders them scapegoat, to embrace BJP Government at the centre. Through these anti-national acts, the aforesaid elements are just mis-utilising the Excessive freedom of speech & rights envisaged in Democracy to finally murder Democracy. The Farmer's agitation has taken an ugly turn on January 26, 2021, to the extent that the Khalistani elements with its anti-national congregation including Opposition parties disrespected the National flag at Lal Quila.
Though the Modi Government has been doing their best for the Country's well being in all walks of life during their last six year's tenure and the results are visible also as far as diminishing the % of people staying below the poverty line, health benefits to the poor, enhancing the average income of Farmers, poor & marginal class, enhancing self-sufficiency in defence, medial and another field etc. is concerned. However, the anti-national forces comprising of aforesaid elements, through their unholy practices, are trying to denigrate the democratic values for their survival. Though in the excellent budget for 2021-22, the Farmer's interests have further been taken care off prominently.
In the USA too, the same sets of practices are being followed by the similar gang, however, additionally, here, the fourth pillar of Democracy, the almost total print and electronic & TV media are playing a very negative & dirty role by aligning on the one-sided basis with the Leftists, Liberals, Jihadists and Black Lives Matter which has led to the frauds in its recently concluded Presidential election wherein Joe Biden of Democratic Party was declared as winner by defeating Trump, the candidate of a rightist Republican Party whose rightful claims and exposers, at all levels, regarding manipulations committed during the election have been ignored & neglected. The Democratic Party adopted legal means of manipulations for implementing the grand strategy to achieve an illegal outcome. Changes in the Law were carried out and approved by State legislators. New guidelines were initiated by Secretaries of State or other election officials, and court rulings & interventions of so-called Public-Private Partnership were framed to manipulate the election process in key Democratic Party strongholds.
Following malpractices were also exhibited by the leftist Democratic Party during the said election:
i) Increasing both the legal & illegal use of drop boxes.
ii) Ballot harvesting & use of corrupted voting Machines
iii) Decreasing the level of scrutiny of the new flood of absentee & mail-in ballots in the battleground states.
iv) Relaxation in ID verification, reducing signature matching requirements.
iv) Voting machine irregularities and statistical anomalies.
The data referred from THE NAVARRO REPORT in the USA states that the possible Illegal Votes are to the tune of 3069002 while the Biden victory margin is 312992. Further, NAVARRO REPORT states about the summary of detailed frauds committed by Democratic party in the six US states namely Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, in a nutshell with figures, is reproduced as below:
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How has the BLM evolved and influenced the USA election and trying to involve itself in other Country's politics may be understood as follows: The Black Lives Matter, established in 2013, was very much involved in 2016 US Presidential election and supported Hillary Clinton to defeat Trump, but could not stop the victory of a rightist Republican Trump owing to its pro-nationalist appeal. The same year BLM rally was organised in Melbourne Australia, Canada & Denmark and 2020, in France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, and UK. At the beginning of 2020, during the killing of George Floyd by US Police, an estimated 15 to 26 million participated. This was one of the largest movements in the USA's history with the most extensive support base in Black adults. BLM has an international connection with the Arab Spring, and this global movement is referred to as Black Spring, connections have also been forged with parallel international efforts such as the Dalit rights movement.
The world over, Communism is at the verge of extinction after the disintegration of USSR, but its footprints are still visible in China & Russia. China could follow its footprint so long owing to Mr Deng Xiaoping's reformist face. Nevertheless, present Xi Jinping will facilitate the early departure of Communism from his own Country as it will disintegrate soon. After Putin's departure, it will die to its death in Russia too. In this frustration, Communists are fighting their last war for their survival by seeking the support of Jihadists and local separatist element's support to disturb democratic setups in India and US but will wipe out themselves soon from China and Russia too and owing to the existence of strong Nationalist Forces in both the two biggest democracies their mischievous & anarchic activities may not survive for long.
(The writer is Political Analyst & Former General Manager of BHEL Delhi)