LRO unearth massive FCRA violation by Jharkhand’s Calvary Gospel Ministries, the organisation’s logo has wrong depiction of Indian map

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Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has levelled serious allegation against Jharkhand based Calvary Gospel Ministries of FCRA violation and using funds for conversion activities. LRO tweeted, “#FCRAViolation #Ranchi #Jharkhand's Calvary Gospel Ministries Trust got Rs 90.23 Cr from radical #Christian All India Mission- AIM for evangelization, @JharkhandPolice Special Branch accused them of funding violent activities wrote @HMOIndia for cancellation #ConversionMafia.”
In May 2019, Jharkhand police had sent a secret note to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHO) informing them about the foreign funds received by the Jharkhand based evangelical organisations. The note said that 88 Christian organisations had received rs 292 crore of funding. This special note from the Special Branch of the Jharkhand Police maps the receipts of foreign donations of the 88 NGOs from 2013-14 to 2015-16.
The total amount received by 11 NGOs exceeded Rs 7.5 crores but not more than Rs 39 crore. For the three financial years, 11 NGOs received Rs 187 crore approximately with the Jesuits of Santal Society receiving Rs 39.8 crores and Hazaribagh Catholic Diocese getting Rs 24 crores in foreign donations.
The name of the 11 NGOs were as follows; Jesuits of Santal Society, Hazribagh Catholic Diocese, Holy Cross Institute, Ranchi Jesuits, Haribagh Jesuits Education Society, Jamshedpur Jesuits Society, Ranchi Catholic Archdiocese, Jamshedpur Diocese Corporation, Khunti Catholic Diocese, Calvary Gospel Ministries Trust and The Congregation of the Daughters of St Anne.
Apart from their financial frauds, Calvary Gospel Ministries’ logo shows a wrong depiction of Indian map. It shows the territory of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) excluded from the Indian map. LRO has written to MHA for the cancellation of the license of Calvary Gospel Ministries Trust