Evangelists come with superstitious beliefs, a new incident in Tamil Nadu reveals the depth of Crisis Bharat is facing

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In a classic case of mad, blind faith, superstition to the core and Christian church priest’s false assurance, a school going boy and a girl were worshiping the body of their dead mother, a police constable for 22 days hoping she would be alive and resurrected. This happened in Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu.
In Hindu religion, birth and death are inevitable. If born in the earth, death is awaiting and nobody knows when it will occur. Previous karmas, sins, virtue would be deciding factors for both birth and death. After death mortal remains would be either consumed to fire or to earth. The Athma inside the body would take a rebirth in a new form. But in the Christian religion, the Resurrection is Jesus Christ’s return to life on the third day after his crucifixion. They hope all that remains is the claim that the resurrection body is the same person as the earthly body. They strongly believe that such bodies are incorruptible, they are not carbonized. The dead would come back to life as they have been. In this science age Christian priests or pastors tell their followers that dead man can walk again if you believe in Jesus. Once, such false assurances by a priest led to a pathetic and heart-rending incident. Two school going children were made to believe his words and worshipped. They were confidence that her dead mother would get life back and did not disturb her body for the past 22 days.
Indira, who was working as a head constable at All women’s police station in Dindigul, had two children a boy and a girl. After separation from her husband Ponraj a couple of years ago, she lived with her 13 year old son sudharsan and 9 year old girl in Dindigul. She was suffering from renal failure and took sick leaves often. Her voluntary retirement application, it is learnt, pending with authorities. She did not attend office from October 15th. She was to report duty on 25th December Police officials came to her residence to know about the reasons for her not reporting to duty. When a lady constable came to her home, she found the door locked with the children inside. She also found a very bad odour emanating from the house. When she questioned the children, they had replied that their mother was sleeping and God would harm anyone who wakes her up.
Suspecting something amiss, she informed her senior officials what she found. When they entered the house, they saw decomposing corpse of Indira which was lying in one with fully covered and prayer items around. They did a postmortem and found she had died almost 20 days ago. Upon investigation, police were shocked to learn that Indira lost consciousness around December 7 and went to Coma, but was not taken to the hospital as per the advice of a priest Anderson who told the children and Indira’s elder sister Vasuki that if Indira was taken to hospital God will not protect her. The priest had also stayed with them in the house for 20days claiming to be praying for Indira’s soul to return. Police personnel turned helpless as her children asked them not to disturb their mother as she was sleeping. After filing a case, police detained Anderson and Indira’s sister Vasuki for questioning. “Indira had converted to Christianity three years back. Pastors like him should be mentally challenged as he had cheated innocent young ones from hiding the fact and brainwashed them to believe their dead mother will get life back. He should be a fanatic or lunatic of extreme order” says journalist Nambi Narayanan.
Now people want the priest should be taken to task to find out if any similar instances in the past. He had cheated the two young ones by his false assurance her mother’s soul would come back. The government should ban all the god of assembly meets, swishesa thirusabhas, Gospel meets, special healing prayers or special congregation which give false promises of cure for everything like crippled will walk, blind will see, deaf will hear, dumb will speak, CD will cure cancer etc. Gullible, poor, hapless people fall to their trap and convert to their religion hoping their sins and diseases would go. They realize after some they were taken for ride. If any Hindu tantric or fake god man does such things, the government would immediately arrest them sue them. But they do not care to take action against persons from other religions particularly minorities. Nambi Narayanan said he had never seen such a superstitious and blind faith. The priest Anderson has fooled them by asking them to do prayer instead of informing relatives and government. Indira, her son Sudharshan, sister Vasuki are all Hindu names. They would have converted to Christianity. Even at this science age, Christian and Muslim leaders oppose corona vaccination saying it will turn them into crocodile, monkeys claiming it is against their religion.
In a related matter, Pallavaram resident Rajan, a car driver, had borrowed 7 lakhs loan from a private bank. Due to pandemic he could not get any income. He was under duress as the bank pressurized him to repay the loan. Unable to pay back the loan, he committed suicide by hanging on 25th while his family members were away in a church for a prayer. They took the body CSI St. Stephan’s English Church for burial. The church did not allow them to bury the body demanded them to pay 35,000 for burial and 15,000 for digging charges. Rajan’s family explained to church authorities that he had committed suicide because he could not to repay the loan and they did not have any money to meet the expenses which shall be paid in due course. Church stood firm in its stand. Left with no option, they sourced money from friends and neighbors to meet the expenses for his last rites.