Disappeared Kerala girl Jasna found in an Islamic religious centre in Mangaluru? Media suspect Love Jihad

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In sensational news, multiple media outlets have reported that Jasna Maria James who had disappeared from Kanjirappalli in Kerala in 2018 was found in an Islamic religious centre in Mangaluru. After the news of her being found in Mangaluru, the public is suspecting love jihad angle into it.
The reluctance of Kerala police officials to disclose the current location of Jasna also raises the suspicion about the possible involvement of communal angle into it. Media houses report that retired Pathanamthitta SP K.G Simon, who investigated the Jasna case clearly know where she is. He declined to respond which being asked about this.
Jasna disappeared from her home on March 22, 2018, at 9:30 AM, she had told her neighbours that she was going to her relative’s home. But she never reached the destination. The case was first probed by the local police and later got transferred to the crime branch. A girl of twenty years of age reaching an Islamic seminary in Mangaluru raises several questions. The public has an impression of an external interference when it comes to this specific case.
Jasna was pursuing her bachelor’s degree from St. Domenic College in Kanjirappally while she disappeared. Media also claim that she is pregnant. The love Jihad angle brought out by the media outlets has put the Kerala government on a tight stop. They fear that any action on these Islamist forces will alienate its voters. Serious discussions and allegations are taking rounds on social media regarding the Jasna case.