Khalistani- ISI nexus at play in Delhi? Gameplan to riot on Republic Day hits the streets

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Shocking scenes are emerging from the national capital of the so-called farmers’ tractor rally turning down to complete chaos. The rioters who were assigned fixed routes to carry out their parade breached police barricades and have put the city into a complete standstill. Khalistanis, masquerading as farmers have hijacked the entire protests and violent activities carried out by these rioters are reported from every corner of Delhi. The Khalistanis are now dancing at Delhi and have unfurled their flags, exactly at the same venue where Indian Tri-Colour is raised on every independence day by the Prime Minister. ISI’s gameplan to bring a bad name to India on the very republic day is being played out at Delhi.
A warning was also sounded on Sunday by the Delhi Police. "Over 300 Twitter handles have been generated from Pakistan during January 13 to 18 to disrupt the tractor rally by farmers only by misleading people. There are inputs about the same from different agencies too. It will be a challenging task for us, but the rally will be conducted amid tight security after the Republic Day parade is over," Deependra Pathak, Special Commissioner of Police (Intelligence), said at a news conference.
"Mischievous elements can create a law-and-order situation. The 308 Twitter handles originating from Pakistan have been pushing hashtags linked to the farmers' protest and the tractor rally," he said.
Earlier, Khalistani separatist outfit – Sikh For Justice had offered USD 250k for raising Khalistan Flag at India Gate on R-Day. Assuring complete support, SFJ had given a call to Panjab farmers to take out a parallel ‘Kesari’ Tractor Rally in defiance of India’s Republic Day Day parade. Khalistanis’ in order to divert the attention from their ultimate goal of ‘Referendum 2020’ also has the Indian Tri-colour flag in their hands.
Calls for strict action against the Khalistani separatists are being raised by the public on social media.