Congress MP Ravneet Singh Bittu heckled by farmers at Singhu border, says there are miscreant elements in the protest, people were carrying Khalistani flags and weapons

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In a huge embarrassment to the Congress, the so-called farmers who are protesting at Singhu border in the national capital, heckled the party leader Ravneet Singh Bittu on Sunday, January 24, 2021. He's a Member of Parliament from Ludhiana, Punjab.
The farmers protesting against three agriculture laws at the Delhi border prevented the Congress leader from joining the protest. The visuals show agitating farmers asking and heckling Ravneet Singh Bittu to leave the protest site.
"The event was organised by farmer leaders. It was a parliament wherein everyone was allowed to present their views. We were speculating that the incident (that happened today) could have happened yesterday and hence we did not come here. Our party leaders asked us to be part of Kisan Sansad today to convey the party's message and hence we went there without any security," said Ravneet Singh Bittu.
"Farmers welcomed us when we reached there. And all of sudden, we were ambushed, as if by guerilla warriors who were armed with sticks and other weapons. We were attacked in a planned manner. It was big planning to kill us. Many of them were carrying weapons. We do not know who exactly they were. They will be dealt with by the law. We will not take any action as it will affect the farmers' movement which is still going on," he added.
After the incident, Ravneet Singh Bittu said that he went to the Singhu border along with party leader Gurjeet Singh Aujla and Kulbir Singh Zira. Congress MP Bittu remarked that there are miscreant elements and people carrying Khalistani flags in the farmers' protest.
“We had gone to participate in a meeting called by farmer leaders. Upon reaching we were ambushed, as if by guerilla warriors who were armed with sticks & other weapons. We're not going to take any action now as the farmers' movements are still going on,” said Congress MP Ravneet Singh Bittu.
He further added, "I've been saying for a while. There're miscreant elements, people carrying Khalistani flags. But what can farmer leaders do to verify identities in such numbers of people. Rs 1cr-80 lakhs is given to such elements for waving flags & I am a target anyway."
Farmers have been protesting on the different borders of the national capital since November 26 against the three newly enacted farm laws.
Farmers have said that they are not seeking any political party's support in spite of Congress, AAP, SAD open support.
The farmer leaders have refused to agree to the Centre's proposal for suspending the implementation of the 3 Farm laws for one and a half years.
The Congress MP further called himself a target of the attack.
(With inputs from ANI)