Shameer and Ashiq arrested at Kannur airport for smuggling gold in their rectum

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Two natives of Kozhikode, Shameer and Ashiq were arrested at the Kannur International Airport while trying to smuggle 1.716 Kilograms of gold amounting to 85 lakh rupees. The gold was kept hidden in their rectum. Kannur airport has recently become a hub for the smuggling of unaccounted gold, claims various reports. In the previous December, a resident of Kozhikode Siraj was attested for smuggling more than two kilograms of gold hidden inside an emergency lamp. Earlier, Calicut airport was frequently used by the smugglers. In the previous month, Kasaragod native Salim was held at Kannur airport for smuggling 500 grams of gold worth 23 lakh rupees.
Even after the Kerala gold smuggling case is being probed at a higher level, the gold smuggling hasn’t reduced a bit. Instead, the smugglers have found out new ways for the transportation of gold. Smuggled gold has an important role to play in maintaining the Islamic-fundamentalist ecosystem prevailing in the northern part of Kerala.