In a shocker, RTI reveals that NCERT has no ‘information available’ on Indian History

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Distortion of Indian history had always been an agenda of the ‘historians’ affiliated with the left and it is an open secret that even NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) history textbooks, mostly written by those pseudo-historians have been used as propaganda tools. In the latest evidence to strengthen this allegation, a new RTI has revealed the carelessness with which NCERT handles Indian History.
In an RTI application with reg no NSERT/R/E/20/00324/, dated 03/09/2020, two questions were asked regarding the sources of claims made in the class 12th History textbook. The questions are:
1) Refer to the second para of page 234 in the textbook Themes of Indian history part II (class XII), in that regard, please provide the source from which the NCERT concluded that “even when temples were destroyed during wars, grants were later issued for their repair- as we know from the reigns of Shah Jahan and Aurangazeb”. 
2)Additionally, please provide the number of temples that were repaired by Aurangazeb and Shahjahan.

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For both these questions, NCERT’s bizarre reply was, “The information is not available on the files of the Department.” Posting the RTI reply on Twitter, Dr Indu Viswanathan said, “In other words, Indian school textbooks are making claims that these marauders were actually benevolent, generous rulers and empathic to Hindus...but the organization that publishes these books are unable to provide any substantiating evidence.”
Nationalist forces have been demanding correction of all such errors from the NCERT textbooks from a long time ago.