Tripura government’s five-day adventure sports festival attracts visitors, revival of tourism anticipated

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Tripura Tourism Minister Pranajit Singha Roy at the festival. (Photo/ANI)
The five-day adventure Tourism Festival underway at the Swami Vivekananda Maidan in Agartala attracted several visitors who expressed their hope of revival of the tourism sector in the state, which was badly affected after the COVID-19 pandemic. Such a festival is happening for the first time in Tripura and started from January 9th. “Tripura is a small state but it is blessed with several natural gifts. This festival is part of the government’s efforts to make Tripura a tourist hub,” said tourism minister Pranajit Singha Roy, who spend the day at the festival.
Several activities including rock climbing, hot air balloon rides, archery, ziplining, jet skiing and rock climbing were available for tourists. I am very glad to see such events taking place in Tripura. This is the first time we have has a festival for adventure sports. I am sure that this will attract more tourists to our state,” a tourist told ANI.
“We are so glad that we can come out and participate in this festival after the COVID-19. The tourism sector and the economy are in bad shape, so this is a good initiative by the government to start the recovery process,” another tourist said.