Jharkhand-based missionary group Xavier’s Hazaribagh Association accused of targeting Indian judiciary, campaigning for Maoist Stan & violating FCRA

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Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has exposed Jharkhand based Xavier’s Hazaribagh Association (XHA) for FCRA violation and accepting funds from a foreign donor to run a campaign against Indian judiciary. LEO tweeted, “#FCRAViolation Xavier's #Hazaribagh Association (XHA), #Jharkhand got Rs 62 Cr from Jesuit Mission Australia- JMA is the main donor. XHA ran an incessant campaign targeting Indian judiciary on arrested #Maoist #Naxalite terrorist #StanSwamy issue. Wrote @HMOIndia for cancellation.”
LRO has alleged XHA’s main donor Jesuit Mission Australia of campaigning in favour of arrested Maoist evangelist Stan Swamy. As a continuation to the earlier story, LRO tweeted, “Jesuits Mission Australia accepted on their official website that Hazaribagh in Jharkhand is their India's operation base. JMA forging alliances with radical Muslim organizations in India to tackle democratic voices opposing dubious religious conversions.”
Regarding the arrest of Stan Swamy Provincial of the Australian Jesuit Province Fr. Brian McCoy had said, “Fr Stan Swamy has been peacefully supporting the protection of rights of the Adivasi people in India for the past 15 years, in keeping with his religious vows, our Jesuit tradition and the constitution of India”. Jesuits Australia had made a call to ‘stand with Stan’ for the release of an individual, against whom the NIA has found evidence of collaborating with Maoists.
Evangelical organisations using its money power to interfere in the internal affairs of India and trying to play with the national security should not be seen in isolation and it is a high time for the government to act against such conversion mafia.