Jamia Millia fires 23 sanitation workers belonging to the Valmiki community, 'no money for food' says terminated employees

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A fresh controversy has hit Jamia Milla Islamia as it terminated 23 sanitary workers from work, all belonging to the Valmiki community. A video of sanitation workers from Jamia has gone viral on social media platforms. One of the terminated employees identified as Rajesh Kumar Valmiki made a. In the video, Rajesh Kumar Valmiki claimed that 23 Sanitation Workers had been removed from their posts. He said that all 23 employees belong to the Valmiki community. He alleged that the authorities have told that they have got orders from Ministry of Human Resources (HRD) to remove 23 out of 132 sanitation workers, reports OpIndia.
Rajesh said, “Only the employees of our Valmiki community have been removed. We have been working in Jamia from last 15-20 years. Even in the difficult time of Corona, we continued to provide sanitation services in the Campus. We have cleaned drains. But now when the time has come to reduce the number of employees, we are being targeted first. We are facing discrimination in the University. We are very upset with Jamia.” Rajesh also showed OpIndia the list of the employees who were terminated.
He said that majority of the employees who have been terminated have passed 10th standard or studied up to class 12th. Still, they are given work to clean sewage. Rajesh further added that 16 men in the department are posted as peons. He also said that there are employees for the prevention of malaria, but their work is seasonal. He alleged that as per guidelines, the employees for malaria prevention should get only three months worth employment.
“We are regular employees. We have not received our salary for 3-4 months. Many of us live in rented houses. We do not have money to feed our children. How can we recharge our phones? This is Jamia’s condition” added Rajesh.