How to overcome the health challenges of the New Year 2021

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As 2020 has been the year of Covid-19 health challenges, can 2021 be the year of the solutionS? To do so we need not only vaccines, drugs or critical care units, but a more responsible, sustainable way of life in harmony with the world of nature and with our own individual nature. This requires natural healing traditions in all their forms, especially Yoga and Ayurveda in the context of Vedic knowledge.
Our health challenge is not just one of defeating or eradicating pathogens. Pathogens can mutate rapidly and can be quickly transmitted across borders in our global society. More pathogens may be created by our artificial way of life and the growing degradation of our air, water and soils. Even antibiotics can breed more resistance in pathogens in the long run.
What then can we do? Are we helpless before this collision between nature and technology? Actually global communication grants many more resources in natural and yogic healing than had previous generations.
The formula for sustainable wellness is quite simple: food and beverages that hold prana, that are freshly prepared, and taken with a calm and content mind. Herbs to connect us to nature's healing powers, as beverages, spices, tonics or regulatory agents.
Sensory impressions that abound in prana, in the light and colors of nature from the ground to the sky, sights, sounds and aromas that inspire. Daily pranayama, particularly morning and evening to support our harmonious pranic flow in and around us. A calm, steady and perceptive mind free of worry, fear, anger, anxiety, attachment, envy or blaming other. This means regular concentration, mantra and meditation, which allows us to connect with our Inner Being that is beyond death and sorrow. Study of the teachings of the great gurus and implementing them in our own daily lifestyles and way of thinking, feeling and seeing.
If you think about it, you can certainly note a number of practices with body, senses, prana and mind that can improve your wellbeing, perhaps even radically, which yet for some reason you do not do enough of to bring physical health or peace of mind. Start there at least. These are the voiced of higher guidance within you.
Life is a journey, not only one step at a time but one day at a time. Try to take a step forward into wellness and inner happiness every day. If you do so for one year, your life will certainly be transformed. Today is a good day to begin or to restart your journey into the bliss of Being that is your true nature.