4 Hindu Aikyavedi workers arrested for protesting against ‘halal food’ in Kerala

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In yet another incident that exposes the Muslim appeasement of the LDF government in Kerala, four workers of the Hindu Aikyavedi were arrested for asking a bakery owner to remove the halal certificate from his bakery. The incident happened in Kurumassery in Ernakulam district, where a recently-inaugurated bakery exhibited advertisement of Halal food in their shop. The Hindu Aikyavedi workers went to the shop owner and handed over a letter to him asking him to abandon the halal advertisement since Halal is discriminatory against people of other faiths. The workers were immediately arrested by the police on the complaint of the shop owner.
Hindu Aikyavedi workers Sujay, Arun, Lenin and Dhanesh are charged under the sections of attempt to create communal unrest by the Chengamanadu police. They are now out on bail. Such interference by the government and the police questions the right of Hindus to eat non-halal meat as the Halal is connected to the Muslim religion.
Recently, there were news reports of even products like lipsticks being sold in the market with halal certification.