In Ashok Gehlot’s Rajasthan, Section 144 & social distancing norms flouted during Tazia processions

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At a time when the COVID numbers have surpassed 90,000 in Rajasthan, and there has been no let-up in the spread of the virus, all norms of section 144 clamped in the state were flouted during Muharram as a huge crowd participated in Tazia processions in different parts of the state.
Despite the ban on the congregation in religious processions, a large number of people gathered in different districts such as Banswara, Bharatpur and Nagaur when Tazia processions were taken out.
Surprisingly, despite the strict orders issued by the district collector, neither general administration nor the police officials tried to stop the gathering of the crowd during Tazia procession.
It needs to be furnished here that local administration has been meeting the religious gurus and requesting them to follow all norms of section 144 before the scheduled date of each festival and many people have been following their advice and request. However, there is certain section of people who were openly seen flouting all laws, making a mockery of all systems being put in place.
The incidents of Banswara, Bharatpur and Nagaur can be quoted in this reference where not only the Tazia processions were taken out, but the Muslim community members also flouted the norms of social distancing.
Such flouting of norms has left the Sarva Samaj members annoyed. They argued when all other festivals have been celebrated with simplicity without any pomp and fervour within the confines of the four walls of their houses, why rules were flouted during Moharram.
Sources said that Muslim society members gathered in huge number to take out Tazia procession behind the Govardhan Gate near Machhli Mohalla. A few policemen tried to stop them; however, they started arguing and misbehaving with them.
The same story was repeated in Banswara and Nagaur’s Moondawa town where Tazia processions were taken out in the presence of huge crowd flouting the norms of prohibitory orders issued in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.
Even in Jhalawad, around 20 Tazia processions were taken out in different parts of the city which remained the matter of discussion around.