COVID-19: India’s Total Recoveries continue to rise, cross 32.5 lakh

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India’s total recovered cases have crossed 32.5 lakh with a continuous upward trajectory, with 69,564 patients being discharged in the last 24 hours. This has resulted in the Recovery Rate, touching 77.31%.
TEST, TRACK and TREAT have enabled early identification of cases through aggressive and wide-scale testing and focussed actions undertaken within this umbrella strategy. Better ambulance services and seamless point-to-point management of patients to facilitate their timely hospitalisation before their health deteriorates has led to a high number of COVID-19 patients recovering and being discharged from the hospitals. This has also resulted in the declining Case Fatality Rate, which stands at a new low of 1.70% today. Supervised isolation in homes and facility settings, following adequate Standard of Care protocol, has hugely aided recovery of mild and moderate cases.
60% of total cases with Maharashtra at the top with 21.6%, followed by Andhra Pradesh (11.8%), Tamil Nadu (11.0%), Karnataka (9.5%) and Uttar Pradesh at (6.3%)are from these 5 states.
26.76% of the active cases in the country are from Maharashtra, followed by Andhra Pradesh (11.30%), Karnataka (11.25%), Uttar Pradesh (6.98%) and Tamil Nadu (5.83%). These 5 States presently contribute 62% of total active cases.
The total number of recoveries stands more than 32.5 lakh (32,50,429) today.
Andhra Pradesh recorded the highest recoveries with 11,915 newly recovered cases in the last 24 hours. Karnataka and Maharashtra had 9,575 and 7,826 recoveries while Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh witnesses 5,820 and 4,779 new recoveries, respectively.
Together these 5 states contribute 57% of the recoveries in the last 24 hours.

(Source: PIB)